Meet May Celebrity Guide Ted DiLucia

We are very pleased to have artist Ted DiLucia as one of our “Celebrity Guides” on the next Gallery Night Providence, May 21,2015.

Artist Statement

There has been a shift in my work. What is haunting and creepy, what is

mysterious and Gothic have always interested me and have always driven my work

and thought process. As I progress in my work, I have applied such themes to a

subtle context using wholesome American imagery. Exploring what lies beneath, the

underbelly of characters, settings, and abstraction, denouncing all shock value, to

heighten a darker story that maybe taking place.

My process is stripping down all complexities to bare-bone simplicities

through color, line and composition. Seeing the image for what it is, by removing all

unnecessary distractions, the image is able to shape, form and breathe.  When this

takes place, process can be revealed.
Ted DiLucia

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