Meet Celebrity Guide Dennis Delomba

Dennis Delomba with Gallery Night Providence

We are very pleased to have Painter, Dennis Delomba joining us as our “Celebrity Guide” for Gallery Night Providence on June 15, 2017.

Dennis1Dennis in his own words,

Painting has become a place in which I analyze, relive and re-experience life events in both the most complex and primal languages.  For me, painting is the ultimate challenge, the most comprehensive voice, and the most connective encounter of all the fragments and layers of the scattered self.  Looking over human history, I can see nothing better than to be a powerful painter.

Technically I go back, endlessly striving to comprehend, to the early Flemish artists such as Van Eyck; to the Italian masters like Caravaggio, the Spanish tradition epitomized in Velasquez, and always Leonardo and Rembrandt for their monumental understanding of the human vision.

Conceptually, my mentors forever will be Marcel Duchamp and Magritte.

Dennis is currently showing his paintings and new hot glass work vases at Gallery Belleau.

Dennis Delomba, Gallery Night Providence, Gallery Belleau


Gallery Night Providence


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