November 16, 2017 Tour Schedule for Gallery Night Providence

Here it is!  We hope to see you this Thursday, November 16,2017.  Check out our website to find out more, Click Here.

5:30pm “The Artisan Tour” with Celebrity Guide Craig Bachman.

Craig Bachman to host a Gallery Night Providence tour

Gather Glass

J Schatz

Bank RI Gallery

David Winton Bell Gallery

Delve into the world of the artist as craftsperson, with this month’s celebrity guide, Craig Bachman.  (Kate Champa, Gallery Night Providence Guide)



Tour @ 6:00pm “The Gift of Art Tour” with Celebrity Guide Jennifer Geaber.

Jennifer Geaber to host a Gallery Night Providence tour

Gallery Z

The Peaceable Kingdom

Gallery Belleau




Experience our famous pre-holiday “Gift of Art Tour” with our celebrity guide Jennifer Geaber, creator of RI Blogger.  (Anthony DiPalma, Gallery Night Providence Guide


Tour @ 6:15pm “The Embellished Surface Tour” with Celebrity Guide Eran Fraenkel.

Eran Fraenkel to host a Gallery Night Providence tour  

Bannister Gallery


Anthony Tomaselli Fine Art

RISD Museum



Explore some of the many ways artists achieve their creative expressions through the use of alternative and traditional surface techniques with Eran Fraenkel, a local artist whose work explores the distinct visual possibilities of a variety of media such as inks, pencils, texturing pastes and alcohol inks.  (John Housley, Gallery Night Providence Guide)


Tour @ 6:30pm “The Health and Wellness Tour”.

Gallery Night ProvidenceSprout Coworking

Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery

ArtProv Gallery

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

                                           Big Nazo Lab

Take a journey into the world of art as the inspiration for health and healing with Richard Bradley.  (Ted DiLucia, Gallery Night Providence Guide)


Tour @ 7pm “The Contemporary Art Tour”

Gallery Night Providence

Chazan Gallery @ Wheeler

Providence Center for Photographic Arts

Dryden Galleries

Gallery Z

A contemporary art tour that will challenge the mind with new ideas.   (Cathren Housley, Gallery Night Guide)

Gallery Night Providence



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Art, Health, And Wellness At Sprout

Gallery Night Providence Opening on November 16,2017 for the Public, 5-9 

The Gallery will be filled with art relating to the theme of Health and Wellness.

For the month of November, Sprout Coworking will be hosting a gallery installation themed Health and Wellness. This exhibit will include pieces about people struggling with illness and well as art created by people with illness, and art that inspires health and healing. As a special treat on Gallery Night we will be offering Henna art for a small fee.

We are pleased to highlight the following 5 local artists for our November show:

Ellie Brown, Heather Caunt-Nulton, Melanie Ducharme, Mark Dotolo and Sherri Snyder

Work by Ellie Brown at Sprout on Gallery Night Providence Ellie Brown has a B.F.A. in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and an M.F.A. in Photography from San Jose State University. She also studied Photography in Skopelos, Greece.

She has been an art teacher in a variety of settings including: National Hispanic University, San Jose, CA; Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY; The College of New Jersey;  Work by Ellie Brown at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceKutztown University, PA;  Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia;  University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea; Bucks County Community College;  Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ; University of the Arts in Philadelphia; and Moore College of Art, Philadelphia.

Ellie has participated in countless gallery shows, has received numerous grants and awards, and has been featured in many magazines.

Heather Caunt-Nulton at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceHeather Caunt-Nulton is an internationally certified, fully insured henna artist (aka mehndi designer) based in Providence RI, providing beautiful traditional and contemporary henna designs throughout New England. As an honors graduate of the Anthropology program at Boston University (2002), her passion for the art of henna comes from a deep respect for the cultures that use henna traditionally, and she is continually furthering her research on henna traditions. Heather is the hostess of the Henna Gathering, one of the longest running henna conference in the United States. She teaches workshops for colleges, schools, after school programs, libraries, and adult education programs, as well as offering private lessons. Her henna work has been featured in galleries and museums, and was featured in world reknown henna artist Riffat Bahar’s exhibit of henna and mehndi art at the Slough Museum in the United Kingdom. Heather’s artwork has won competitions open to all henna artists worldwide.

Work by Melanie Ducharme at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceMelanie Ducharme’s current series of work focuses on the various ways in which one can identify as female. There has been so much negativity regarding issues that affect woman that she felt it important to put forth a positive statement regarding body image, fighting for one’s rights, friendship, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.   Melanie has been exhibiting her work since 2001. She is a visual artist and educator. She is a former member of Gallery X, a cooperative art gallery in New Bedford, MA. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design and letterform from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and her Masters in Art Education from Rhode Island College. Currently, she lives in Rhode Island working as a visual artist and a teacher.







Work by Mark Dotolo at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceMark Dotolo was born in 1959.  He was a mailman for thirty one years and began painting five years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  For him painting became a source of comfort and an outlet for creativity.  Mark’s colorful application of acrylic paint is heavy and thick and appears to be applied not with a brush but with a palette knife.  The result is that the paint itself gives shape to his forms, rising from the surface of the canvas like a relief.  For Work by Mark Dotolo at Sprout on Gallery Night Providencethe viewer the visual effects are eye-wowing.  It is difficult to pass his paintings without stopping for a closer look.





Sherri Snyder was born from extra-ordinarily artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial family genetics. She was exposed to very “modern” and conceptual art from a very young age. Her uncle, a sculptor in NYC, lived in SOHO and was one of those long-haired hippy artists. Sherri was encouraged to draw outside the lines, to not use “local color”, and to explore nature. Her most prominent mentor was her high school commercial design teacher, Robert Takatch, an amazing watercolor painter. She was in awe of his gentle watercolors. Over the years, Sherri has experimented with watercolors, ceramics, collage, sewing, and a variety of artistic materials, each one offering a different sensation and different “canvas” with which to play. Sherri has exhibited in a variety of galleries and shows primarily in the New England area. In 2007, she was accepted as an artist member into the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. She was also accepted as an artist member to the Attleboro Arts Museum and the Rhode Island Art League. Sherri loves exploring new ways to express her soul’s artistic passions. In the past few years, she’s created Mini-Wall Hangings or mini quilts with mandala designs.

Sprout is open from 9-5, M-F and the public is welcome to visit any time during those hours.

Visit us at 166 Valley Street on the Rising Sun Mills Campus in building 6M. You can find us online at

Gallery Night Providence


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Meet Celebrity Guide Craig Bachman

Craig Bachman to host a Gallery Night Providence tour

We are so pleased to have Craig Bachman as a Celebrity Guides for our November 16, 2017 Gallery Night Providence.

Craig has been teaching ceramics at Rhode Island College for the past five years as a full-time professor. Before that, he was an adjunct professor at R.I.C. for 13 years. For the past 20 years, he’s been the owner and sole proprietor of Cedar Street Studio.  Cedar Street Studio is a production pottery specializing in limited addition functional serving objects. You can see more about me at

Gallery Night Providence


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Meet Celebrity Guide Eran Fraenkel

Eran Fraenkel to host a Gallery Night Providence tour

Many people may recognize Eran Fraenkel as a frequent Gallery Night Providence attendee, and on November 16, 2017 we are very pleased to have him as one of our Celebrity Guides.  Eran  arrived in Providence in 2016 after 22 years of living and working in Macedonia, Brussels, Jakarta, and lastly Barcelona.

Eran is a self-taught painter who began making art while living in Jakarta. His visual arts are rooted in a lifelong involvement in music – Western and Middle Eastern classical, Balkan folk traditions, and Javanese gamelan. Eran responds to the world he hears, not only the world he sees. Using his musical instincts, Eran creates visual rhythm, tempo, harmony and timbre.

In Indonesia, Eran was inspired by the inescapable presence of the sea and his experiences underwater; Java’s vibrant batik traditions; and Javanese gamelan music he played. His Barcelona pieces respond to the juxtaposition of Catalan modernisme (Gaudi) and reminders of the region’s Moorish past.  Eran’s pen-and-ink work echo Islamic geometricity and calligraphy.

Eran has painted primarily on paper, using water-based media, as well as inks, pencils, and texturing pastes. Most recently, Eran has begun to explore alcohol inks, with their distinct visual possibilities.

Eran has also started to engage with new media such as glass blowing, as well as transforming some of his pen-and-ink drawings into 3-D sculptures.

Before moving to Providence, Eran exhibited in Jakarta and Barcelona. He currently serves on the Board of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative.

You can follow Eran on Facebook and Instagram.

Gallery Night Providence



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Meet Celebrity Guide Jennifer Geaber

Jennifer Geaber to host a Gallery Night Providence tour

Join us for a very special Gallery Night tour on November 16, 2017.  Every November we at Gallery Night Providence turn our focus on shopping.  To be more specific, there is nothing better than to give the gift of art for the holidays, and who better to lead our shopping tour than our “Celebrity Guide” Jennifer Geaber.  Jennifer is the creator of RI Blogger, Rhode Island’s number one resource for discovering what’s hot in the ocean state.  Whether it’s local events, breweries and vineyards, real estate and restaurants, you’ll find it at

Gallery Night Providence


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Get Healthy In November, At The URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program Presents


November 6-December 8, 2017

Gallery Night Providence Reception November 16th from 5-9pm with Singing, Flute and Drumming Circle Performances

A multimedia exhibit of healing artists – fine artists, art therapists expressive arts practitioners, and rehabilitative artists and clients – representing the use of art in health: healing, inspiring, transforming and overcoming illnesses. Whether the art is literal or not, any artwork in any form that takes the artist or the viewer from a place of pain or illness (physical or emotional) – can be an instrumental healing modality.  The exhibit includes work by the following artists: Christiane Corbat, Gloria Baker, Janice Baker, Diana Boehnert, Kathrine Carbone,  Jeannine Chartier, Lin Collette, Bill Comeau with Corita Kent, Umberto ‘Bert’ Crenca, Pam Cruze, Cynthia F. Davidson, Tamara Diaz, Ted DiLucia, Nichole Donje Allinson, Melanie Ducharme, Joanne Ficorilli, Rebecca Flores, Susan Fox, Barbara Ganim, Ricky Gagnon, Joya Granbery Hoyt, John Irwin, Annie Kennedy, Linda King, Lenka Kohoutova, Gerard A. LeDoux, Madolin Maxey, Joya Maxwell, David Clyle Morse, Linda Phelan, Carol Rodi, Barbara Rosenbaum, Sandy Salzillo, Brenda Sanner, Jennifer Stratton, Donald Talbot, Robyn Thomas, Vania Valdo, Melissa J. Weaver, Joy Williams, Rosemary Wentworth, 134 Collaborative/Family Service, Trudeau Memorial Center, United Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Arts Program: Zaida S., Nancy C. Julia S, Anna M, Angela M, Wayne R., Bill St., Kaitlin L., Cher Mc., Joe V., Rosa A., Donna K., Jeff P., Craig Mc., Jillian B, Elaine  P.,, Sharon M., Rita J., Mike H., Dottie G.,  

Hours: M-TH 9-9, F&S 9-5, Closed Sundays and Holidays 

URI Providence Campus Gallery 1st and 2nd Floor Lobby 

80 Washington St Providence RI 02903


All events are free and open to the public

Gallery Night Providence


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Memories/Echo/Stillness at The Chazan Gallery

The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler is pleased to present

memories | echo | stillness

an exhibition of new sculptures and paintings by

Mike Hansel and Neal Walsh

November 16 to December 6, 2017. 

There will be a Gallery Night reception for the artists on November 16, from 5:00 – 8:00. The public is invited.

Work by Mike Hansel at Chazan Gallery on Gallery Night ProvidenceThrough his sculpture, Mike Hansel attempts to distort traditional assumptions relating to function while also suggesting a correlation between life and industry. The contrasting relationship between utilitarian and organic forms is a consistent component of all his visual investigations. A fascination with machinery is fused with gestural organic forms to create personal interpretations drawn largely from memory. The work reflects a long term, in depth understanding of sculptural materials and how their inherent physical properties can be re-interpreted to reveal something extraordinary. The process is experimental and never predetermined. Driven by the anticipation of discovery, Hansel returns regularly to a place where anything is possible.

Sculptor and art educator, Mike Hansel, has been actively producing contemporary art work for over 30 years. Living most of his life in New England, he currently resides in Middletown, RI where he teaches studio art and creates large scale metal sculpture. His work resides in many private collections, and he has installed numerous large-scale public sculptures in museum venues and on college campus sites. Mike Hansel’s work has become known for his ability to create highly crafted, organic pieces that contradict what we might expect from such rigid, industrial materials.

Work by Neal Walsh at Chazan Gallery on Gallery Night ProvidenceNeal Walsh uses old and salvaged canvas from previous paintings, torn pages from discarded books, debris from the studio floor, oil paint, graphite, ink, dry pigment s, and adhesives, to build his paintings layer by layer. The surfaces are scratched, torn, tattered, sanded, scrapped bare and started again and again upon canvas or wood panels until the accumulation of materials is finally deemed complete. Walsh often uses grids as a foundation for his paintings; with each layer this initial uniformity tends towards entropy, the fixed becomes ever more fluid. In this process of adding and subtracting each layer has an opportunity to play a part but is also altered with the artist’s intentionality; hence, Walsh’s work echoes nature’s familiar patterns of growth and decay, chance and control. The paintings mark the passage of time: they are vessels of memory containing the traces of their past. The paintings explore the space between order and chaos, and the creation of place through memory and experience. They are meditations on our complex relationship with time, history and the construction of consciousness. These works strive to capture in painting those poetic fragments that make up the essence of our transitory lives as it unfolds before us.

Walsh is the Gallery Director for the Providence arts organization AS220. Walsh was recently part of the RISD Museum’s Locally Made exhibition and has exhibited widely. He also recently curated NIGHTVISIONS, a series of experimental site-specific films and performances for the City of Providence, the group exhibition We Don’t Make Mistakes at the Chazan Gallery at Wheeler and co-curated with Maya Allison, the exhibition Among the Breakage: New painting from Providence at the David Winton Bell Gallery. 

For further information please contact Elena Lledó at

Gallery Night Providence


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Works by Bonnie Schultz Platzer at BankRI

BankRI Turks Head Gallery Presents

“Gobelin Tapestries by Bonnie Schultz Platzer, ” 

November 2 through December 6, 2017.

There will be a Gallery Night reception on November 16 from 5 to 8:30 pm with live music by guitarist Mark Armstrong and light refreshments.

Bonnie Schultz Platzer exhibits hadnwoven Gobelin Tapestries at the BankRI Turks Head  Gallery Bonnie Schultz Platzer exhibits hadnwoven Gobelin Tapestries at the BankRI Turks Head  Gallery


It was 1969 and a young Bonnie Schultz Platzer had just graduated from college.  She was working temporarily at an investment firm when she received news that would shape the course of her life.  She had been accepted to the Peace Corps, but where was she supposed to go?  The letter seemed vague, saying only that she had to go.  Later it dawned on her that she had been directed to go to Togo in West Africa.

Platzer has lived on three continents in five different countries. Austria, Kenya, Morocco and Togo sound exotic compared to Platzer’s beginnings in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and to the condo by Miriam Hospital where she now lives in Providence.

At age 22, she packed her bags to travel to Togo.  This was the late 60s – career options for women were limited, and Platzer was excited to go off and see the world.

There was no Internet and limited international phone connections.  She didn’t see or speak to her family for two years.

The experience gave her a whole new perspective on what it meant to be an outsider.  Platzer grew up relatively safe and sheltered.  Nothing prepared her for the reaction her mere presence could cause.

“When a child looks at you in fear,” Platzer explains, “and starts screaming, it makes an impression.”   Platzer was the only white person in the village.  Some of the children touched her skin to see if the color would rub off.  Others ran from her, a symbol of centuries old white slavers who had come before.

Still she was safe amidst a family-oriented society that in many ways looked very much like the environment she grew up in.  People in Togo married, had children, nurtured their families and worked hard not unlike the residents of rural Pennsylvania.

When her two years with the Peace Corps were up, Platzer returned to the United States and settled in New York City with a group of ex-Peace Corps volunteers. She worked at the African American Institute in NYC and took advantage of the multitude of educational opportunities New York offered.

Platzer had images and experiences in her head that she wanted to share, but she wasn’t sure how to do that.  Impressed and intrigued by the textiles in West Africa, she turned to weaving.  In the adult education programs at the New School and at Parsons School of Design, she studied spinning, dyeing and of course, Gobelin tapestry weaving.

Gobelin tapestries flourished in 17th century France.  The technique allows for intricate designs that have a painterly feel.  Plazter has almost 100 different colored yarns that she uses as a palette to create depth and dimension in her detailed hand woven tapestries.

Impressed by the people she encountered in her travels through life, she focuses mainly on images of people in real life settings.  A Moroccan father and child, proud northern Togo women at market, an Amish boy hanging clothes, a grandmother and her grandson on Hope Street – these are the images that compel Platzer to make art.

She takes photographs of her subjects and refers to them for composition and color choices. Full-sized black-and-white photographs in reverse help her plot things out on the vertical loom. Then the weaving begins – each piece takes anywhere from four to six months to complete.  There are no computers, no assistants to help her.  This is one woman’s meditation on the people she has met throughout her journey.

The whole time she is weaving on her loom, she is weaving from the back side of the tapestry.  Platzer never sees the entire piece until she cuts the tapestry from the loom.  Hanging from the loom is a small mirror.  It is only in the mirror that she is able to see details of the tapestry from the front.

Except for another two-year stint in the Peace Corp in Morocco, Platzer has lived in Providence for twenty years now, the most time she has spent in one place.  If it seems strange that such an adventuresome person has settled in Providence, Platzer doesn’t think so.

“I wanted diversity.  I wanted the cultural life, an academic community and of course, the ocean.   Providence has a lot of the qualities I loved about New York, – it’s just smaller.”

Gallery Night Providence


The BankRI Galleries are curated by Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate.  Exhibit hours are Monday through Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, call 401 574-1330.

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A Bit Of Night Gallery On Gallery Night

We have a fun surprise for our Gallery Night Providence guests tonight! In the spirit of halloween, artist and staff guide Ted DiLucia has made a life size cut out of Night Gallery creator Rod Serling.  So be sure to come early and take a selfie, remember to tag your pics #MyGalleryNight so we can see them too.

Rod Serling cut out by Ted DiLucia at Gallery Night Providence

For those of you who may not be familiar with Night Gallery, watch this…

Gallery Night Providence


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Have you seen our latest poster?

Gallery Night Providence Poster by Ted DiLucia 2017

Many of you know our Gallery Night staff guide Ted Delucia and if you’ve been on any of his tours you know that he’s full of surprises.  For example his Goya inspired mask, the spooky ventriloquist dummy, and who can forget the time he pulled hand painted paper rabbits out of his hat for his Gallery Night guests.  Well last August he came to Gallery Night wearing his homage to summer, a jacket inspired by the works of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.  Needless to say, we were so impressed by this that our poster designer, Kenneth Carpenter has used it for our September, October, November poster.

The jacket will be on display at our information center, One regency Plaza, on Gallery Night October 19, 2017 and Ted will be there from 5:00-6:00pm to sign your poster for a donation in the amount of your choice.

Gallery Night Providence#MyGalleryNight 

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