Call For Celebrity Guides

Gallery Night Providence is looking for volunteer “celebrity guides”.


A celebrity guide can be anyone in the community who is well known, somewhat known, or looking to promote themselves, their business, or perhaps their art.  Past celebrity guides include, Marilyn Salvatore (Costume Designer), Elizabeth Roberts (Lt. Governor of the state of RI), Ruth Dealy (Artist/Painter), and Cathy Bert (Gallery Owner)

If you are, or know, such people please send them our way!


  • Must be passionate about art
  • Should love viewing a variety of artwork and be able to connect to a group of like-minded folks.
  • Be able to lead discussions and offer insight.
  • Be available 1 evening, for 2 hours, on the 3rd Thursday of any month from March to November.
  • Able to assist, when needed, in boarding and disembarking the tour bus at 4 or 5 gallery stops.

We will post your biography on our web site and our blog which will include your web site, online store, and anything else you’d like us to promote.

Anyone interested should contact Richard Bradley, or inquire at our information booth on Gallery Night.

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Some of our honored celebrity guides from previous Gallery nights.

To learn more about these people, click “Celebrity Guides” in the categories column on the right hand side of this page. ->

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