Art, Health, And Wellness At Sprout

Gallery Night Providence Opening on November 16,2017 for the Public, 5-9 

The Gallery will be filled with art relating to the theme of Health and Wellness.

For the month of November, Sprout Coworking will be hosting a gallery installation themed Health and Wellness. This exhibit will include pieces about people struggling with illness and well as art created by people with illness, and art that inspires health and healing. As a special treat on Gallery Night we will be offering Henna art for a small fee.

We are pleased to highlight the following 5 local artists for our November show:

Ellie Brown, Heather Caunt-Nulton, Melanie Ducharme, Mark Dotolo and Sherri Snyder

Work by Ellie Brown at Sprout on Gallery Night Providence Ellie Brown has a B.F.A. in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and an M.F.A. in Photography from San Jose State University. She also studied Photography in Skopelos, Greece.

She has been an art teacher in a variety of settings including: National Hispanic University, San Jose, CA; Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY; The College of New Jersey;  Work by Ellie Brown at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceKutztown University, PA;  Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia;  University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea; Bucks County Community College;  Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ; University of the Arts in Philadelphia; and Moore College of Art, Philadelphia.

Ellie has participated in countless gallery shows, has received numerous grants and awards, and has been featured in many magazines.

Heather Caunt-Nulton at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceHeather Caunt-Nulton is an internationally certified, fully insured henna artist (aka mehndi designer) based in Providence RI, providing beautiful traditional and contemporary henna designs throughout New England. As an honors graduate of the Anthropology program at Boston University (2002), her passion for the art of henna comes from a deep respect for the cultures that use henna traditionally, and she is continually furthering her research on henna traditions. Heather is the hostess of the Henna Gathering, one of the longest running henna conference in the United States. She teaches workshops for colleges, schools, after school programs, libraries, and adult education programs, as well as offering private lessons. Her henna work has been featured in galleries and museums, and was featured in world reknown henna artist Riffat Bahar’s exhibit of henna and mehndi art at the Slough Museum in the United Kingdom. Heather’s artwork has won competitions open to all henna artists worldwide.

Work by Melanie Ducharme at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceMelanie Ducharme’s current series of work focuses on the various ways in which one can identify as female. There has been so much negativity regarding issues that affect woman that she felt it important to put forth a positive statement regarding body image, fighting for one’s rights, friendship, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.   Melanie has been exhibiting her work since 2001. She is a visual artist and educator. She is a former member of Gallery X, a cooperative art gallery in New Bedford, MA. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design and letterform from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and her Masters in Art Education from Rhode Island College. Currently, she lives in Rhode Island working as a visual artist and a teacher.







Work by Mark Dotolo at Sprout on Gallery Night ProvidenceMark Dotolo was born in 1959.  He was a mailman for thirty one years and began painting five years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  For him painting became a source of comfort and an outlet for creativity.  Mark’s colorful application of acrylic paint is heavy and thick and appears to be applied not with a brush but with a palette knife.  The result is that the paint itself gives shape to his forms, rising from the surface of the canvas like a relief.  For Work by Mark Dotolo at Sprout on Gallery Night Providencethe viewer the visual effects are eye-wowing.  It is difficult to pass his paintings without stopping for a closer look.





Sherri Snyder was born from extra-ordinarily artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial family genetics. She was exposed to very “modern” and conceptual art from a very young age. Her uncle, a sculptor in NYC, lived in SOHO and was one of those long-haired hippy artists. Sherri was encouraged to draw outside the lines, to not use “local color”, and to explore nature. Her most prominent mentor was her high school commercial design teacher, Robert Takatch, an amazing watercolor painter. She was in awe of his gentle watercolors. Over the years, Sherri has experimented with watercolors, ceramics, collage, sewing, and a variety of artistic materials, each one offering a different sensation and different “canvas” with which to play. Sherri has exhibited in a variety of galleries and shows primarily in the New England area. In 2007, she was accepted as an artist member into the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. She was also accepted as an artist member to the Attleboro Arts Museum and the Rhode Island Art League. Sherri loves exploring new ways to express her soul’s artistic passions. In the past few years, she’s created Mini-Wall Hangings or mini quilts with mandala designs.

Sprout is open from 9-5, M-F and the public is welcome to visit any time during those hours.

Visit us at 166 Valley Street on the Rising Sun Mills Campus in building 6M. You can find us online at

Gallery Night Providence


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