Meet Celebrity Guide Jules Burrowes

Jules, Jules Burrowes, Gallery Night Providence

Jules has maintained Heron Pond Studio in Pawtucket, RI for 30 years  producing works for shows as well as for personal enjoyment.  She has exhibited in juried shows, one-person exhibits, international (Sofia Bulgaria), and local art venues for exhibition and demonstration of her art techniques.  She has contributed to silent auctions and won awards on the boardwalk in New Jersey, Tewksbury, MA., Bethlehem, PA. Her work has been shown from D.C. to N.H and she has several woodland installations as well, she has recently been curator of a Textile Show at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River MA.

Jules has recently added wood sculpture to her more practiced medium of relief printing with wood and linoleum.  She also enjoys using the painterly methods for creating mono-prints.  Her printed woodcuts start with a drawing, then cutting the design in wood, and finish with a print on paper or cloth, creating three pieces of art each showing a perspective on the original idea.  The process has always been distinct steps for Jules which have often left her with at least three works of art along the path to a finished print; the drawing, the block cut, and the print (and often times the fourth dimension is the story that comes with the work!)

Jules loves her art and takes great enjoyment from that which shows up in the world as inspiration for her work, RI has been her home for 5 years and Jules has been awarded a RISCA grant in December 2014 to continue teaching in her studio, in particular with a very talented group of Guatemalan Artists.  The grant has made it possible for the artists to have an open studio exhibition and a two-month show at City Hall. The grant period will end with a one-week show at the Krause Gallery located on the Moses Brown School.  Jules will continue to use her studio to teach others about how to find the way to their own creative outlets.

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