The Inspirational Story Of Alexandra Suarez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Sprout Gallery will be showing works by Alexandra Suarez, one of the featured stops on Gallery Night‘s Spanish speaking tour with Rebecca Flores.

Alexandra Suaerz, Sproutri, Gallery Night Providence

Alexandra Suarez was born into a Colombian family divided by political ideology. When she was born, her uncle on her mother’s side was a five star general fighting against the leftist groups. And her paternal aunts were part of those leftist groups. War made family reunions very awkward to say the least.

She was exposed to art at a very young age because her father is a painter and graphic designer and her mother is very creative. Her favorite toys were art supplies and her toy store was the art store. She started her creative expression as a Fashion Designer for several years in Los Angeles and in 2003 decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and pursue an art career which has been met with much success and positive feedback. She has been selected to participate in many art exhibitions around the United States, has been featured in Art and Collector magazines and is constantly working towards the expansion of her career and the development of her artistic expression.

Alexandra fuels her inspiration by travelling and living in different places, amongst them Bogota Colombia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and currently has fallen in love with Providence, a city which she describes as poetic.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer, her battle with this illness only fueled her urge to create, to make a mark and to realize that in her life and in her heart, there is only love, family and art.

Her new approach to life, her work and art career is strong, fearless and determined to continue, to never give up, because in this strength she finds LIFE.

In addition to Alexandra’s work will be shown the works of Kristen Avitabile, Jim Bradley, Kimberly Saltz, Lizzy Synalovski and Sonny Walker.

Gallery Night Providence


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