And The Masks Continue To Come In

As we get ever so close to the day of the Gallery Night Ghoulish Gala, the masks donated by local artists, for the auction part of the evening, continue to amaze us.  IMG_1852

Have a look at this one by Brooke Erin Goldstein titled “Branching Out”.  Made from paper, felt, and water color, this one will surely cause a bidding frenzy.  Brooke has placed no minimum bid on her mask, and the value is $500.00 .

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And who could resist bidding on this mask, titled “Fawn Mask”, by Nika Gorini?  Made from cardboard, paper mache, gesso, acrylic paint, and fur.  Nika has placed a value of $100.00 and no minimum bid on this mask.

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How about this creation by fiber artist Karen Gilbert!  This untitled mask is made from wire mesh, hand dyed acetate satin, wool felt, wire, rusty metal objects, pen caps, and rubber boot buckles.  The value of this piece is $600.00, and Karen has placed no minimum bid.

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