The Art Connection-RI Summer Exhibit, at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program and

The Art Connection-RI


The Art Connection-RI Summer Exhibit

July 3-August 2, 2017  Gallery Night Reception July 20, at 5-9pm

with a gallery talk by a TAC-RI donating artist, volunteer and Board member at 7pm

The Art Connection-RI (TAC-RI) Summer Exhibit features more than 100 pieces of artwork available for selection by Rhode Island nonprofit community service organizations.  Guided by a passionate belief in the transformative power of art, TAC-RI’s mission is to connect artists and donors to social benefit organizations through the placement of original artwork to enrich the lives of the staff and people they serve.  This unique service is made possible by the generous participation of over 60 local artists and donors. To date, TAC-RI has placed 345 artworks at 30 community service agencies throughout the state. Many of the works presented are available for placement in community non-profit organizations.

Among the artists whose works are included in the exhibit are: Jerry Aissis, Irene Allen, Janet Alling, Paul Almeida, Karen Rand Anderson, Jane Bassman, Uli Brahmst, Ruth Brandt, Herman Brewster, Chris Brooks, Priscilla Cane, Cathy Chin, Linda Clave, Ruth Clegg, Bill Comeau, Mary Lou Conca, Estelle Econoply, Abbott “Tom” Gleason, Richard Harrington, Carolyn Kent, David Kupferman, Lawrence Kupferman, Margaret Lachut, Linnea Toney Leeming, Penelope Manzella, Morris Nathanson, Norman Petersen, Toni Petersen, Marguerite Pile, Beverly Silva, Alfred Smith, Reba Stewart, Jeanne Sturim, Maria Termini, Michael Tracy, Roberta VanDerMolen, Denise Wall, Toba Weintraub, Brenda Wilkinson, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

URI Feinstein Providence Campus 1st and 2nd floor Gallery

80 Washington Street  Providence, RI 02903

Hours Mon. -Thurs. 9-9, Fri 9-4 closed weekends and holidays in summer.

For information call 401-277-5206 or visit All events are free and open to the public.

Gallery Night Providence


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Photographer Kate Wilson will host a Gallery Night Providence tour

5:30 Spotlight on Photography Tour (Celebrity Guide Kate Wilson)
This tour, led by photographic artist Kate Wilson, visits four galleries showing photographic works. The first stop is the Providence City Hall Galleries for a special exhibition, “Scott Lapham: Images from PVDFest 2016,” and the second stop is the first-ever Members Show at the Providence Center for Photographic Arts, featuring a wide range of photographic techniques. Then you’ll head to Dryden Gallery for the new exhibition “David Lewalski: Photographic Biography” with gorgeous images of abandoned structures. The tour concludes at Sprout’s show “Coastal Curiosities,” which features art inspired by the beauty of the ocean and beach, including photographic work by Celebrity Guide Kate Wilson herself! Staff Guide Anthony DiPalma.


Ceramic creations atGallery Night Providence stop J Schatz Studio

6:00 Glass & Ceramics Tour
See a live glass-blowing demonstration and a variety of beautiful glass and ceramic creations on this tour of Providence’s creative spaces. The first stop, Peaceable Kingdom, has a special exhibition of “Celestial and Terrestrial Folk Art” and nearby Gallery Belleau has a wide selection of beautiful glass objects. The tour will head to the Olneyville studio of J Schatz to meet with the artisans in their converted-mill working environment, seeing works in progress as well as a variety of finished wares. The tour concludes at Gather Glass with a live glass-blowing demonstration! Staff Guide John Housley.


Madolin Maxey in her Providence studio

6:30 Explore Providence Painting & Drawing with a Painter (Celebrity Guide Madolin Maxey)
Madolin Maxey, a talented and knowledgeable painter, is the Celebrity Guide for this tour that explores drawing and painting work around Providence. The first stop is the RISD Museum’s exquisite new exhibition “Stranger than Paradise” which juxtaposes contemporary and historical works. Then the tour heads to BankRI Gallery for a solo show of charcoal works by Barbara Rosenbaum, and to Inner Space for a group show featuring drawings and paintings from Top Drawer Arts at The Brass in Warren, RI. The final stop will be the festive opening night of “Figure and Form” at ArtProv, featuring works inspired by the human figure, including paintings, pastels, ink drawings, and more. Staff Guide Ted DiLucia.



Gallery Night Providence, Peace Flag Project

Ginny Fox

7:00 Local Artists Tour (Celebrity Guide Ginny Fox)
Learn about and support your local artists on this tour led by Celebrity Guide Ginny Fox! The tour begins at the “Local Artists” show at Gallery Z, then visits the historic studio of painter Anthony Tomaselli, where the artist will be speaking about his new summertime-themed paintings. The third stop is Copacetic, where local jeweler Don Boehner plies his creative wares, and will be on-site to answer questions about his inspiration and process. The final stop is the Art Connection-RI Summer Exhibit at URI Feinstein Providence Campus Galleries, featuring more than 100 pieces of artwork available for selection by Rhode Island nonprofit community service organizations. Staff Guide Cathren Housley.


Gallery Night Providence


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Meet Celebrity Guide Kate Wilson

We are so pleased to have Kate Wilson as one of our “Celebrity Guides” for our July 20, 2017 Gallery Night.

Kate is best known for her abstract and surrealist twist on what “is.” Her curious and adventurous nature ensures that her path is filled with discovery. Her mission is to create simple, elegant, and thought-provoking art with a process that is organic and playful. Kate often uses her photography as a starting point to capture everyday subjects within the fleeting essence of the moment.

She is drawn to color, shape, pattern, and texture as they relate to one another, and using these elements, coupled with any combination of scale, angle, repetition, perspective, and focus, her creations call for contemplation and imagination. The photographs she takes may become part of a reflecting pattern, or mandala, or may take on life as a stand-alone art piece.

Her love of nature and fine art, her years spent as an educator, her work as a graphic designer, and her happy outlook on life influence her art. Kate lives and creates in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Photographer Kate Wilson will host a Gallery Night Providence tour

For more on Kate and her work, have a look at her website.

Gallery Night Providence


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Meet Celebrity Guide Madolin Maxey

Painter, Madolin Maxey is back for the next Gallery Night on July 20, 2017 as one of our “Celebrity Guides“.

Colors and shapes lead the eye in a vigorous dance around her canvases. At first glance, her paintings seem to depict familiar landscapes and actual locations, yet they are only loosely based on reality. Madolin paints from memory, challenging the conventions of the medium with poetic grace and playful energy, Her emotional reactions to a place or an experience become a story told through color and line.

Madolin Maxey is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. A Providence resident since 1982, she has been a member of the Providence Art Club since 1996. Although primarily a painter, she has built teahouses, designed extensively for theatre, and initiated public art projects in Providence. She maintains a studio in Providence, and can also be contacted through the Providence Art Club.

To Learn more about Madolin and her artwork, have a look at her website.

Gallery Night Providence Celebrity Guide, Madolin Maxey in her Providence Studio

Madolin Maxey in her Providence Studio

Gallery Night Providence


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Sprout CoWorking Gallery takes you to the beach on July’s Gallery Night

Stop by the Gallery at Sprout CoWorking on July 20, 2017 for the

Gallery Night Providence reception of Coastal Curiosities


We are pleased to highlight these 6 local artists for our July show 

May Babcock Work by May Babcock at Sprout CoWorking Gallery for July Gallery Night Providence is an interdisciplinary artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in Storrs with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking in 2008. Directly after, she joined the graduate printmaking program at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, earning her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2011. Her studio processes combine printmaking, hand papermaking, sculpture, and book-arts techniques, creating artwork that address contemporary landscapes. She gathers sketches and materials from each site to create innovative installations and works of paper. Babcock exhibits nationally and internationally, and has taught courses in all forms of papermaking, printmaking, drawing, and two-dimensional design. Additionally, she is the founder of, an active blog dedicated to promoting the art and craft of hand papermaking. She serves on the Hand Papermaking Magazine Board of Directors.

Michaela Bolotin Work by Michaela Bolotin at the Sprout CoWorking Gallery for Gallery Night Providence is a Providence based process painter with pieces primarily composed of oil paint and cold wax medium. Heavily influenced by music and sound, she tries to emulate the movement noise compels one’s body to make while listening, whether reactionary or intentional. Her primary concern is to capture a moment through heavy texture and a specific, mood influenced color palette. She hopes her audience can feel the same way when they experience her work visually as they would with music or sounds aurally.

Ian Deveau Work by Ian Deveau at Sprout Coworking on Gallery Night Providence is 26 years old and from Jamestown, Rhode Island. He uses photography to express the raw beauty and power of our planet’s natural environments, and the people who choose to play in them. For him, being a photographer is about being fully immersed in his environment. Making photographs adds to the adventure of everyday life and allows him to truly see and examine closely people and places. It also encourages him to continue to travel and help give a voice to areas in need of support and attention. Ian hopes that his images will inspire people to think more about one another and our planet. He hopes they might serve as a visual reminder to step outside, and connect with the world.

Glass.Rock.Beach Jewelry by Glass Rock Beach on view at Sprout CoWorking Gallery for July Gallery Night Providence is a mother/daughter business creating jewelry featuring elements of the beach. The business was formed out of a mutual love of creating ocean art. The jewelry is designed and crafted in Rhode Island. The inspiration is sourced from nature. The jewelry features hand-picked sea glass and shells encrusted with pyrite on either brass or silver plated cuff bracelets, sterling silver, gold plated or copper chain, and sterling silver, brass plated, and gold filled earring posts and hoops; often times combined with semi-precious stones such as pearls, malachite, turquoise, hematite, and other stones. Kiera and Louann use the beautiful state of Rhode Island as the inspiration for the business. The philosophy behind Glass.Rock.Beach is believing in the art you create, wearing it yourself and loving it, and utilizing many found objects. Kiera and Louann take pride in the fact that our pieces are locally picked, designed, and handmade.

Dr Jason Hack Work by Dr. Jason Hack at Sprout CoWorking Gallery for Gallery Night Providence is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist who enjoys taking photographs of both beautiful living and inanimate yet dynamic objects he finds in the immediate environment around him. To get these images, he works only with his handheld camera and a stock lens.  

Kate Wilson Work by Kate Wilson at Sprout CoWorking Gallery for July Gallery Night Providence sees majesty in the simple all around, and through her eye, offers a visual adventure that challenges her audience to play along. Starting as simple photographs, her work becomes illusory through her creative process. As an added layer of intrigue, the viewer may discover a positive message hidden within, twisting reality on another level. Magnifying glasses will be on hand to assist viewers in their hunt for these treasures. Kate Wilson’s art is influenced by her love of nature and fine art, her years spent as an educator, her work as a graphic designer, and her happy outlook on life. She lives and creates in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Visit us at 166 Valley Street on the Rising Sun Mills Campus in building 6M. You can find us online at We are open every day from 9-5 and on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 5-9pm.

Gallery Night Providence


For more information, or to submit work for consideration, please email

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Work by Barbara Rosenbaum at the BankRI Gallery

Barbara Rosenbaum at the BankRI Galleries

Charcoal Drawings by Barbara Rosenbaum

July 6 through July 20, 2017 at the BankRI Turks Head branch in downtown Providence at One Turks Head Place.

There will be a Gallery Night reception on July 20 from 5 to 8:30 pm with live music and light refreshments. 

Exhibit hours are Monday through Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, contact or call 401 574-1330.



It’s not just the purple streak in her hair that sets native Rhode Islander Barbara Rosenbaum apart.  The smart, brash and opinionated woman has forged her own distinct path to the visual arts.  For over thirty years, Rosenbaum worked as a speech and language pathologist with autistic children both in the Providence school system and at Sargent Rehabilitation Center. It wasn’t until after she retired that she found herself picking up a paint brush to learn how to paint.

“I knew so many artists,” Rosenbaum explained, “I thought painting was something I’d be interested in.”  Although she had never painted before, she loved doing creative things.  Rosenbaum made her own jewelry and designed spectacular gardens with her late husband Paul Levitt.  She enjoyed designing and rehabbing interiors and cooking gourmet dinners.  Even her approach to working with autistic children was creative.

When Rosenbaum started her career as a speech and language pathologist, language therapy was in its infancy.  She had no strict guide book to helping children.  “You had to be creative, to think on your feet,” Rosenbaum explains. “There was no one formula.  You had to find the key to each kid.”  She used arts and crafts and even cooking to forge a bond with the children.  She wasn’t always successful, but she did have her successes.

After retiring, Rosenbaum started taking painting and drawing classes with Richard Harrington and then Ida Schmulowitz at the Handicraft Club.  She still takes classes today and works in her 3rd floor home studio.  She is a guiding force and assistant curator at the non-profit New Hope Gallery in the Cranston Senior Center on 1070 Cranston Street, Cranston.  Along with New Hope Gallery founder Ricky Gagnon, and fellow curators Ted DeLucia and David Koukol, she helps to run the gallery installing artwork throughout the large two-story building.

Her pastel and charcoal drawings shown at the BankRI Pitman Gallery are a bit like Rosenbaum.  They are confident, strong still life’s with both subtle tone variations and bold line.  Unusual compositions couple with a rich but limited palette of browns, whites and blacks.  Some have bursts of strong color.  Rosenbaum likes to get into the drawing, covering herself with as much charcoal as she gets on the page.

Barbara Rosenbaum at the BankRI Galleries
“I have an affinity for charcoal,” Rosenbaum says.  “Until I picked up a piece of charcoal, I was still drawing stick figures.”

The BankRI Galleries are curated by Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate.

Gallery Night Providence

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Gallery Night Tour Schedule For June 2017

5:30 Contemporary Art Tour (Installations, Performance and More)

Beth Braganca Bell at Gallery Night Providence

This tour, led by Celebrity Guide Beth Braganca Bell (a local illustrator and designer) begins at David Winton Bell Gallery, featuring Kim Faler’s show You Don’t Know My Horizon with a site-specific installation and While Still Before Us All, a show of sculptures by Kai Franz. Then the Art Bus heads to the RISD Museum for a special dance-based performance, Walk the (pink) Elephant by Denizen Arts:. The third stop is ArtProv’s Heart of a Tree show with paintings, sculptures, fiber art and wood pieces that celebrate the essence of trees, including works by Paula Martesian, and the final stop will be at Atrium Gallery for a group show by members of the Warwick Center for the Arts.

5:50 Spotlight on Painting Tour

Dennis Delomba with Gallery Night ProvidencePainter Dennis Delomba is the Celebrity Guide for this tour visiting four exciting painting shows around Providence. See the work of young painter Zachary Prosser at Anthony Tomaselli, a selection of painting and monoprints at the Providence Art Club’s Moods + Attitudes show, and a solo show highlighting the “painterly realism” of Rick Shiers, RISD grad, at BankRI Gallery. The last stop on the tour will be at Bannister Gallery for the solo show Trunks and Tales featuring Stuart Diamond’s ambitiously scaled painted wood constructions. 

6:10 Collector’s Tour

Christine Francis Hosts Gallery Night Providence

This Collector’s Tour is led by Celebrity Guide Christine Francis, who is an illustrator, art collector, and owner of the Downtown vintage shop Carmen & Ginger. The Art Bus will first view the folk art and imported wares at Peaceable Kingdom, then stop by Gallery Belleau to see their newest glass projects. The Art Bus will make its way to Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery, featuring the exhibition “Robots Run Amok” by artists in Pawtucket’s celebrated RHD-RI program. The tour concludes at Gallery Z, currently showcasing the work of painter Areg Elibekian.


6:30 Spotlight on Photography Tour

The perfect tour for photography aficionados, this Art Bus trip starts at Providence City Hall Galleries for a showcase of images of PVDFest 2016 by Scott Lapham. Next, Providence Center for Photographic Arts has their first-ever Members Show featuring a diverse group of artists working in photography, and at Sprout you’ll see the bold and innovative photographic designs of Kate Wilson. The tour concludes at URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery with “The State of the Art” featuring work from URI, RIC, and CCRI, including photographs among a variety of 2D and 3D work.

7:00 “Made in Rhode Island” Tour

This tour is all about pride in locally-made art and design objects! First, the Art Bus will visit Copacetic to see their newest jewelry creations, and then head to J Schatz for a tour of their “Wonder-Certified” ceramics studio. A glass-blowing demonstration at Gather is next, and the last stop is at Dryden Gallery, featuring a show of works by members of the Art League of RI.

Gallery Night Providence

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