Works by Bonnie Schultz Platzer at BankRI

BankRI Turks Head Gallery Presents

“Gobelin Tapestries by Bonnie Schultz Platzer, ” 

November 2 through December 6, 2017.

There will be a Gallery Night reception on November 16 from 5 to 8:30 pm with live music by guitarist Mark Armstrong and light refreshments.

Bonnie Schultz Platzer exhibits hadnwoven Gobelin Tapestries at the BankRI Turks Head  Gallery Bonnie Schultz Platzer exhibits hadnwoven Gobelin Tapestries at the BankRI Turks Head  Gallery


It was 1969 and a young Bonnie Schultz Platzer had just graduated from college.  She was working temporarily at an investment firm when she received news that would shape the course of her life.  She had been accepted to the Peace Corps, but where was she supposed to go?  The letter seemed vague, saying only that she had to go.  Later it dawned on her that she had been directed to go to Togo in West Africa.

Platzer has lived on three continents in five different countries. Austria, Kenya, Morocco and Togo sound exotic compared to Platzer’s beginnings in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and to the condo by Miriam Hospital where she now lives in Providence.

At age 22, she packed her bags to travel to Togo.  This was the late 60s – career options for women were limited, and Platzer was excited to go off and see the world.

There was no Internet and limited international phone connections.  She didn’t see or speak to her family for two years.

The experience gave her a whole new perspective on what it meant to be an outsider.  Platzer grew up relatively safe and sheltered.  Nothing prepared her for the reaction her mere presence could cause.

“When a child looks at you in fear,” Platzer explains, “and starts screaming, it makes an impression.”   Platzer was the only white person in the village.  Some of the children touched her skin to see if the color would rub off.  Others ran from her, a symbol of centuries old white slavers who had come before.

Still she was safe amidst a family-oriented society that in many ways looked very much like the environment she grew up in.  People in Togo married, had children, nurtured their families and worked hard not unlike the residents of rural Pennsylvania.

When her two years with the Peace Corps were up, Platzer returned to the United States and settled in New York City with a group of ex-Peace Corps volunteers. She worked at the African American Institute in NYC and took advantage of the multitude of educational opportunities New York offered.

Platzer had images and experiences in her head that she wanted to share, but she wasn’t sure how to do that.  Impressed and intrigued by the textiles in West Africa, she turned to weaving.  In the adult education programs at the New School and at Parsons School of Design, she studied spinning, dyeing and of course, Gobelin tapestry weaving.

Gobelin tapestries flourished in 17th century France.  The technique allows for intricate designs that have a painterly feel.  Plazter has almost 100 different colored yarns that she uses as a palette to create depth and dimension in her detailed hand woven tapestries.

Impressed by the people she encountered in her travels through life, she focuses mainly on images of people in real life settings.  A Moroccan father and child, proud northern Togo women at market, an Amish boy hanging clothes, a grandmother and her grandson on Hope Street – these are the images that compel Platzer to make art.

She takes photographs of her subjects and refers to them for composition and color choices. Full-sized black-and-white photographs in reverse help her plot things out on the vertical loom. Then the weaving begins – each piece takes anywhere from four to six months to complete.  There are no computers, no assistants to help her.  This is one woman’s meditation on the people she has met throughout her journey.

The whole time she is weaving on her loom, she is weaving from the back side of the tapestry.  Platzer never sees the entire piece until she cuts the tapestry from the loom.  Hanging from the loom is a small mirror.  It is only in the mirror that she is able to see details of the tapestry from the front.

Except for another two-year stint in the Peace Corp in Morocco, Platzer has lived in Providence for twenty years now, the most time she has spent in one place.  If it seems strange that such an adventuresome person has settled in Providence, Platzer doesn’t think so.

“I wanted diversity.  I wanted the cultural life, an academic community and of course, the ocean.   Providence has a lot of the qualities I loved about New York, – it’s just smaller.”

Gallery Night Providence


The BankRI Galleries are curated by Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate.  Exhibit hours are Monday through Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, call 401 574-1330.

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A Bit Of Night Gallery On Gallery Night

We have a fun surprise for our Gallery Night Providence guests tonight! In the spirit of halloween, artist and staff guide Ted DiLucia has made a life size cut out of Night Gallery creator Rod Serling.  So be sure to come early and take a selfie, remember to tag your pics #MyGalleryNight so we can see them too.

Rod Serling cut out by Ted DiLucia at Gallery Night Providence

For those of you who may not be familiar with Night Gallery, watch this…

Gallery Night Providence


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Have you seen our latest poster?

Gallery Night Providence Poster by Ted DiLucia 2017

Many of you know our Gallery Night staff guide Ted Delucia and if you’ve been on any of his tours you know that he’s full of surprises.  For example his Goya inspired mask, the spooky ventriloquist dummy, and who can forget the time he pulled hand painted paper rabbits out of his hat for his Gallery Night guests.  Well last August he came to Gallery Night wearing his homage to summer, a jacket inspired by the works of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.  Needless to say, we were so impressed by this that our poster designer, Kenneth Carpenter has used it for our September, October, November poster.

The jacket will be on display at our information center, One regency Plaza, on Gallery Night October 19, 2017 and Ted will be there from 5:00-6:00pm to sign your poster for a donation in the amount of your choice.

Gallery Night Providence#MyGalleryNight 

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Work by Christopher Thomas at the URI Providence Campus Gallery

URI Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program Presents


October 2-31

Gallery Night Providence Reception October 19 5-9pm.

An exhibit of the amazing, ingenious creations by Christopher Thomas using repurposed materials transformed with a lot of fantasy, some Halloween madness and a bit of hot glue.

Anyone, around Providence, RI, who knows Christopher Thomas’ Steampunk artwork, knows that it is like opening Christmas gifts wrapped in pretty decorations. You can’t just admire the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon; you are anxious to know what is inside. And once you open the artwork, you find an even more beautiful and very unique surprise. Since a major seizure episode, in 2007, that caused him to hit his head, and land him in the hospital, Christopher Thomas has been seeing gears and patterns that have caused him to create some of the most beautiful pieces of Steampunk Art. Some of these pieces have been featured in local art galleries and shows such as the AIDS Care Ocean State Annual Art Beat Auctions, the Storybook Ball hosted by Women and Infants Hospital, the AS220 Gallery and URI Providence Campus Gallery Last October and April.

The designs for these gears and patterns come to him during episodes of severe migraine attacks that will cause him to go without sleep for days. These migraines and seizures that occur in Thomas’ life are his inspiration for all of his artwork. The designs explore the inner crisis that is happening while he is having a migraine or seizure. If you happen to hear him talk about destroying a piece that he has created, it is because it reminds him of what he went through during that particular episode.

Thomas does not have any formal training or education in art, accept from high school, but he does have a degree in Physical Therapy, which he received from the University of Rhode Island in 1991. He gives credit to his inspiration from watching his father when he was younger. Thomas’s father was very detailed when it came to drawing beautiful pictures. Having no formal education makes his ability to create these beautiful pieces of art simply amazing. His first piece was of a clock that he designed for his father; which his father was unable to see finished before he died. Thomas truly believes that his talent is a God-given gift.  Thomas was born and raised in Rhode Island and is currently a native of his hometown. He is heavily involved in his community and ultimately desires to use his gift as a platform for other migraine sufferers.

URI Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies is proud to feature this solo exhibit of Christopher’s brilliant creations for the month of October!

URI Feinstein Providence Campus 1st and 2nd floor Gallery

80 Washington Street  Providence, RI 02903

Hours Mon. -Thurs. 9-9, Fri 9-4 closed weekends and holidays in summer.

For information call 401-277-5206 or visit All events are free and open to the public.

Gallery Night Providence


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Our Tour Schedule For October 2017


October 19, 2017

Intuitive Tour: Painting, Drawing & Photography with Angelo Marinosci Jr. 5:30pm, Angelo’s tour will be given in both Italian and English.




RISD Museum

Anthony Tomaselli Gallery

BankRI Gallery

ArtProv Gallery


(John Housley, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

Eye of an Educator and Sculptor Tour with Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon 6:00pm

Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon hosts a Gallery Night Providence tour





Bannister Gallery

Atrium Gallery

Peaceable Kingdom


(Cathryn Housley, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

Integrity of the Story Tour with illustrator Stephen Gervais 6:15pm

The Art of Horror, Gallery Night Providence





Gallery Z

Sprout Coworking

Inner Space Outsider Art

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery


(Ted DiLucia,  Gallery Night Providence Guide)

Tweaking & Turning Tour: Photo & Sculpture @6:30pm

The Galleries at Providence City Hall

David Winton Bell Gallery @ Brown University

Chazan Gallery @ Wheeler

Gallery Belleau

(Kate Champa, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

The Yelp Tour @ 7pm (this tour is by reservation only for Yelp Reviewers)


Gallery Night Providence Yelp tour





Gather Glass

J Schatz

Providence Center for Photographic Arts

Dryden Galleries

(Anthony DiPalma, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

(Michael Plourde, Yelp Guide)

Gallery Night Providence


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October at The Providence Center for Photographic Arts

The Providence Center for Photographic Arts Presents,

4th Open Call Exhibit

October 12 – November 3

With a Gallery Night reception on October 19, 2017 from 5 – 9pm

4th open call at the Center for Photographic Arts on Gallery Night ProvidenceSee the work of over 60 photo-based media artists including Francis Crisafio and Marky Kauffmann.


About Providence Center for Photographic Arts

Do you love photography? Are you looking for a way to connect with other photographers? Do you want to advance your skills? Exhibit your work? Get more involved in photo-based media? Become a member of PCPA!

PCPA was founded to inspire creative development and provide opportunities to engage with the community through exhibitions, publications, education, and mutual support. We strive to advance our members’ careers, strengthen the appreciation of photo-based media, and foster dialogue around innovation in the arts.

Our talented member artists come from both the local Providence area and far beyond. PCPA is non-profit organization led by dedicated volunteers. We will run a full calendar of professional workshops, juried, group, and individual artist exhibits, member salons, and other activities throughout 2017. All exhibits are free and open to the public. PCPA is located in the Russell House (built in 1772) in downtown Providence, around the corner from the Providence Art Club and across the street from Mill’s Tavern Restaurant at 118 North Main Street, 2nd floor.

The gallery is open Fridays from 3:00 – 8:00 pm and Saturdays from 1:00 – 4:00 pm and by appointment. Please contact or by phone at (401) 400-2542 with any questions.

Gallery Night Providence


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October 2017 At The Chazan Gallery


C H A Z A N   G A L L E R Y @  W H E E L E R   

2 2 8  A N G E L L  S T R E E T   P R O V I D E N C E, R I   0 2 9 0 6

4 0 1 . 4 2 1 . 9 2 3 0
The Chazan Gallery is pleased to present

It’s what you don’t say

 an exhibition of works by Jacqueline Ott, Lisa Perez and Sean Riley, from October 19 to November 8, 2017.

There will be a Gallery Night reception for the artists on October 19, from 5:00 – 8:00. The public is invited.

With a commitment to abstraction and the formal elements of design, artists Jacqueline Ott, Lisa Perez and Sean Riley manipulate their respective materials, testing the border between two and three-dimensions to challenge perceptions of space and time. This exhibition examines the subtleties and nuances of such perceptions.

Each artist embraces an evidence of the hand in their work and evokes a transformation of expectation through the power of what is not readily apparent. Processes are revealed in underlying marks, traces, and the bending and layering of lines in drawing, sculpture and textiles. Each uses structure and form to explore the power of the void – or the space between the lines. Just as silence is an integral part of music, these artists find intuitive and fluid ways to shape the space within and around their works and expand visual possibilities. By creating such hovering spaces through systematic construction and deconstruction of their respective materials, they entice the viewer to complete a loop left open to be experienced in the act of looking.

Ott, Perez, and Riley have been meeting together on a regular basis for over a year, sharing ideas and working methods in one another’s studio. This is an exhibition of visual systems, material explorations, and overlapping stimuli. Drawings, deconstructed textiles, paintings, and sculpture created from canvas, wood and plaster will demonstrate how three unique artists traverse parallel territories in a diverse array of media.

Work by Jaqueline at the Chazan Gallery on Gallery Night ProvidenceJacqueline Ott earned an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  She has exhibited widely throughout the Northeast, including the Danforth Museum of Art, Danforth, MA, Carroll and Sons Gallery, Boston, MA, and Gallery Joe in Philadelphia.  She has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the RI State Council for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts.


Work by Lisa Perez at The Chazen Gallery on Gallery Night ProvidenceLisa Perez’s work will be presented in relation to the architecture of the gallery space responding in context from wall to floor orientations.  A multi-disciplinary artist, Lisa Perez makes abstract sculptural painting, objects and works on paper that investigate attention, perception and spatial dimension. Fusing the subtle edges between mediums, her practice takes a malleable approach to form. The work invokes minimalism initially, but slowly one encounters an unfolding of playful extremes in color, shadow, form, and a subtle humor countering austerity. “A grid may evoke rigid order but then embrace the expressive, wobbling beauty of something made by hand. A horizontal line may hint at a landscape but then shift like a tectonic plate. Using canvas, wood, paper and paint, I seek a place where these materials meet, overlap, unify and resonate. The geography of where this leads me is both familiar and as elusive as the space between seconds.” – Lisa Perez

Perez received her MFA from the University of California, Berkeley and currently lives and works in Rhode Island. Her work has been exhibited locally (RISD, David Winton Bell Gallery, Chazan Gallery) and nationally (Drawing Center, NYC; Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami; Headlands Center for the Arts, CA.) and is in the RISD Museum as well as private and corporate collections.

Work by Sean Riley at The Chazen Gallery on Gallery Night ProvidenceSean Riley holds an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His work can be defined by a rigorous and often labor-intensive engagement with a chosen material. Riley has been using inherited clothing in his work since 2008 to reflect on personal and collective experiences of loss, memory, and time. The latest work in this project involves the deconstruction of denim blue jeans by methodically removing individual weft threads to alter and reshape the woven structure of the fabric. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Northeast including; Danese/Corey in New York City, TSA NY in Brooklyn, NY, Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, Lamont Gallery in Exeter, NH, Arthur Ross Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY, and several others. He has received grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. Riley has been an artist in residence at the Joan Mitchell Center, Yaddo, and the Vermont Studio Center.Riley currently lives in Rome, Italy.

For further information please contact Elena Lledó at

Gallery Night Providence


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