Meet Celebrity Guide Mike Ryan


For our May 18, 2017 Gallery Night Providence, we are very excited to have Mike Ryan from Motif Magazine as one of our “Celebrity Guides”.  

Mike is the publisher of Motif Magazine, a local favorite dedicated to the arts and entertainment in RI and surrounding areas, and to bringing readers alternative local news about subjects of all kinds.

Motif was founded in 2004 to help bring to light some of the amazing music, arts and culture happening around Rhode Island that was escaping coverage by the media.

Since December 2012, Motif has been published by Mike Ryan, who is focusing on making the listings and coverage as comprehensive as possible – online and on paper.

Motif is a free paper, dedicated to bringing as much arts and entertainment information to you as possible.

Gallery Night Providence

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Rick Shiers at BankRI Pitman St. Gallery

“Playing With Paint: Recent Still Life Oil Paintings by Rick Shiers.”

The branch is located at 137 Pitman Street in Providence.  Hours are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, contact or call 401 574-1330.


Artist and illustrator Rick Shiers in his North Attleboro studio.

The studio is just off a busy street in North Attleboro.  It’s a light and airy space, clean, well organized, and clear of clutter with a large work table down the middle.  Painter and illustrator Rick Shiers works and paints here.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in illustration, Shiers counts Chris Van Allsburg and the late Tom Sgouros and Paul Langmuir as his professors.  He credits Langmuir with teaching him how to make a living.  “He taught me how to do mechanicals and storyboards,” says Shiers.  “He showed me how to make money doing illustration.”

After graduation, it wasn’t unusual for Shiers to work 100 hours a week or more.  He was making a good living creating storyboards for advertising in television, video and magazines.  Shiers cut back on his work schedule when he got married and he and his wife had a daughter.

Over the past decade or so, the illustration field has changed dramatically.  Technology and computers have leveled the playing field.  Anyone can download a stock illustration or have a logo designed for a small fee.  Fewer people read print magazines and newspapers and opportunities for traditional illustrators have shrunk.  Shiers has enough contacts to keep him working steadily, but there is downtime.  “I always want to be doing something,” he says.  “I get antsy.”

Seven years ago, Shiers started painting seriously in oils.  He finds oil painting challenging and feels he is just now beginning to develop a style of his own.   He is too much of an illustrator to veer far from realism, but there is a painterly quality to the work.   He calls it “painterly realism.”

The paintings in the BankRI Galleries are part of a series of still lifes Shiers has been working recently. Some are quite straight forward –  a small quiet still life with red onions is a perfect study in tonal harmony.  Others are more playful.  A giant piece of bubble gum lies across a canvas like an odalisk.  A child’s jack and a toy block tell a story as only objects can. Very few people populate Shiers’ paintings.  He has had quite enough of illustrating people and all their dramas.  He prefers to tell his stories quietly with hints and whispers, leaving a lot of space for the viewer to take the journey with him.

Rick Shiers exhibits oil paintings at the BankRI Pitman Street Gallery May 4 through May 31st, 2017.

The BankRI Galleries are curated by Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate.

Gallery Night Providence

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Gallery Night Tour Schedule For April 20, 2017

5:30 Earth Day Tour

Gallery Night Providence

Join Celebrity Guide Rich Watrous, an artist/designer and arts advocate, for this nature-themed Earth Day tour. You’ll see works depicting marine wildlife at Sprout, the inspiring “Horse Show” at ArtProv, paintings celebrating the beauty of untouched landscapes at Bank RI Gallery and Anthony Tomaselli, and an exhibition of infrared photography at the Providence Center for the Photographic Arts that shows a new side of the natural world. (Staff Guide Cathren Housley) 



5:50 International Artists Tour

We are so sorry to report that, due to illness, Celebrity Guide Madolin Maxey will be unable to host her Gallery Night Providence tour tomorrow. As we wish her a speedy recovery, she promises to reschedule her tour for another amazing Gallery Night.

Gallery Night Providence, Free Art Tour, Led by Madolin Maxey

Celebrity Guide Madolin Maxey, a painter and art-history enthusiast, will lead a tour featuring exhibitions of international artists. Atrium Gallery features an exhibition “A Clothesline to the Past” exploring cross-cultural connections between Rhode Island and Brazil, by Afro-Brazilian artist Tiago Gualberto, Gallery Z is highlighting artists of Armenian descent, and Bell Gallery showcases the provocative work of Pierre Huyge and Gabriel Martinez. (Staff Guide Ted DiLucia)

6:10 Rhode Island Artists’ Tour

Join Staff Guide Anthony DiPalma in viewing photographs and paintings by local favorites Mike Bryce and Ed Clark at the Dryden Gallery, new work by students at the Chazan Gallery at Wheeler, then experience the exhibition “I AM RHODE ISLAND: The Fabric of Our Community” at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus Galleries, and see a solo show by Providence-based painter Sherie B. Harkins at Rosmarin Gallery.

  • Chazan Gallery at Wheeler
  • John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities & Cultural Heritage
  • RISD Museum
  • Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery @ ShareSpace

6:30 Collector’s Tour

Celebrity Guide Ida Schmulowitz, an artist who coordinated Gallery Night for over ten years, will lead this tour exploring artisans and designers working in Providence. We call it a Collector’s Tour because it’s a perfect place to learn about accessibly-priced artwork if you’re interested in starting, or adding to, a collection of your own. You’ll see a live glass-blowing demonstration at Gather Glass, locally designed and produced clay objects at J Schatz, recent imports from Myanmar at Peaceable Kingdom, gorgeous glassware at Gallery Belleau, and a selection of locally crafted jewelry work at Copacetic. (Staff Guide Kate Champa)



7:00 Diversity & Resistance in Art: Women Artists, Outsider Artists, and More

John Housley, Gallery Night Providence

Staff Guides John Housley and Melanie Ducharme will lead a tour starting with the powerful exhibition “If Jane Should Want to Be Sold: Stories of Enslavement, Indenture and Freedom in Little Compton, Rhode Island.” Later in the tour, you’ll see a selection of art by contemporary women artists at the Galleries of the Providence Art Club, a special “Anti-Salon” event at the RISD Museum inviting students to occupy an exhibition with their bodies and work, and a selection of new pieces by Outsider Artists at Inner Space.

  • Dryden Gallery
  • Providence City Hall Galleries
  • Rosmarin Gallery at Hotel Providence
  • Copacetic

Gallery Night Providence

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About Gallery Night Collector’s Tours


Gallery Night Providence, Gallery Z

Each Gallery Night, we offer what we call a “Collector’s Tour”.  This tour is led by local art collectors who share their stories of collecting adventures, the artists they’ve met, and personal discoveries.  Learn how anyone can become an art collector on any budget, all you need is a good eye and a passion for the arts.

Gallery Night Providence

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Meet Celebrity Guide Ida Schmulowitz

Ida Schmulowitz, was the coordinator of Gallery Night Providence for over ten years. She graduated RISD with a BFA in painting in 1974. She is excited to lead the collectors tour because she and her husband (John Riedel ) love collecting art and craft. Their collection includes paintings by former RISD teachers John Frazier, Richard Merkin, and Robert Hamilton, as well as contemporary RI artists, outsider artists, former RISD classmates, and Ida’s painting students.

Schmulowitz most recent exhibit of her paintings was a solo exhibit at Soprafina Gallery, Boston (March 2017). Other solo shows include Hammond Harkins Gallery, Columbus OH, URI Fine Arts Center Main Gallery, Newport Art Museum, Bannister Gallery at RIC, Hunt Cavanagh Gallery, at PC, CCRI Gallery, and the Atrium Gallery at the State Administration Building. Group shows include RISD Alumni and Faculty Show at Gallery 53 , Boothbay Harbor, ME, “Locally Made” and “Down to Earth: The Enduring Landscape”  both at the RISD Museum of Art, and “Legacies in Paint: The Mentor Project” at the Newport Art Museum. Awards include a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and a residency at Weir Farm.

Ida’s website can be found at 

Gallery Night Providence

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Gallery Night Tour Schedule For March 2017

MARCH TOURS, For Gallery Night Providence:  

5:30 Celebration of Women Tour with Celebrity Guide Dawn Barrett

Gallery Night Providence Welcomes Dawn Barrett

The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler

Galleries of the Providence Art Club

Anthony Tomaselli Fine Art Painting

Providence Center for Photographic Arts


5:50 Celebration of Women Tour with Celebrity Elizabeth Francis

Gallery Night Providence Celebrity Guide Elizabeth Francis

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Bank RI Gallery

Inner Space

Sprout CoWorking Community Gallery


6:10 Collector’s Tour with Celebrity Jennifer Huntley-Corbin

 Jennifer Huntley-Corbin, food entheusiast and art collector, will be a Celebrity Guide for Gallery Night ProvidenceGallery Z

Gather Glass

J Schatz

Peaceable Kingdom

                                         Gallery Belleau


6:30 Expression Tour with Celebrity Emily Dustman  

Emily Dustman hosts a Gallery Night Providence tourRISD Museum

David Winton Bell Gallery

The Galleries at The Providence Art Club

Anthony Tomaselli Fine Art Painting


7:00 Rhode Island Artists’ Tour

Dryden Gallery


Art Prov Gallery

Rosmarin Gallery at Hotel Providence

Gallery Night Providence


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Meet Celebrity Guide Emily Dustman

We at Gallery Night Providence are very much looking forward to having Emily Dustman as one of our Celebrity Guides on our season opening night, March 16, 2017.

Emily Dustman hosts a Gallery Night Providence tour

Here’s more about Emily in her own words.

Emily Dustman is an artist, scientist, teacher, and author who has been published in various journals for research regarding species of conservation concern. Dustman has spent the last eight years teaching at various colleges fusing art and science in her own curriculum and serves as college course coordinator implementing STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math).

In 2015, Dustman completed a natural science illustration program at Rhode Island School of Design. Not long after, she was commissioned to paint the Turtles of Rhode Island for the Roger Williams Park Zoo, further developing them into a poster used for conservation education. She continued on to create the Turtles of Rhode Island postcard series, which can be found in numerous locations around Providence such as the Audubon Society, Rhody Craft, Craftland, and online.

With the poster and postcard series, Dustman found herself well-versed and inspired by print media and in the spring of 2016, she established E-Squared Magazine – a quarterly, print publication fusing her affinity for art and science. With the release of Issue #1 in late fall of 2016, Dustman set out to present new and ground-breaking ideas developed by artists, scientists, engineers, and the like. By blending art and science, she intended to generate questions, creative thought, experimentation, collaboration, and innovation with the hope of sparking real social and cultural change. Issue #1 was well-received with critical acclaim. “I’m proud to be a part of this art/sci magazine [that is] very meticulously put together,” said Issue #1 featured neuroscientist and artist, Greg A. Dunn. Jen Long of Issue #1 commented “E-Squared has produced a work on art that is a work of art in itself. It’s a feast for the eyes and the mind, and every detail including the way it feels and it’s freshly printed smell is thoughtful and inviting.”


Dustman is currently piecing together work for issues 2 and 3 – a long and arduous process that involves a great amount of research, communication, networking, promotion, as well as the “meticulously” refined details involved in creating the publication – compiling relevant and up to date information, writing bios, layout, and so on. E-Squared is the flagship production of an eventual, wider distribution concerning the relevance of art and science and their placement in humanity’s tools of necessity. Dustman aspires to witness a more developed, interactive, and effective project with E-Squared that is geared towards young readers (proceeds funding a scholarship) as well as create workshops for engaging and connecting artists and scientists or to simply inspire youth to pursue creative and technical careers.


While Dustman’s stay in Rhode Island has been relatively short (3 years), she has managed to establish herself as a true innovator of the social condition already having coordinated and established several art/science workshops, her own art career (scientific illustration and installation), a magazine, and two books in progress concerning social sciences (educational establishments and development and America’s ongoing/persistent, psychological struggle).
“Looking through pink rimmed glasses of an eleven-year old girl one would see shelves overflowing with slides, beakers, field guides, creatures in aquaria, clay, brushes, paint, and sketchbooks of the observed and imagined. You would see art and science, a laboratory and an art studio. From my very own life experiences, I can state with confidence that the arts and sciences do go hand in hand – they are integral to one another, and give power and richness to each other. It is my belief that the future will be reliant on this fusion of art and science.” – Emily Dustman

Gallery Night Providence


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