September 2017 at the URI Feinstein Campus Gallery

URI Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program and EcoArts USA present

CUBA INSIDE AND OUT September 1-29

Gallery Night Reception September 21 5-9 pm with musical performances.

September 28th 7:00pm Film Screening Socialism or Death (1996) and Return to Cuba (2016) with Vladimir Ceballos Filmmaker.


After years of strained diplomacy and fractured relationships, gradually there is a stronger relationship being forged between the USA and our neighboring Southern island of Cuba.  Science, Technology, scholarship and rich cultural exchanges are possible.  This exhibit brings the work of Cuban Artists to Rhode Island as well as local artists with Cuban roots going back to their homeland to nurture new growth reflected in painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture by Astrid,  Ana Flores, Evans Molina Fernandez, Felix Diclo, Raphael Diaz, Tamara Diaz and photos from Cesar Augusto, Tamara Diaz, A. David Guerra,  Christopher Johnson and Tom Morrissey, along with films by Vladimir Ceballos.

As we celebrate Cuban culture through this exhibit, we learn more about the culture, the history, the people, the politics, and the rich natural resources in this exchange.

EcoArts USA is a non-profit arts and cultural exchange organization founded by Delia Rodriqguez-Masjon. Delia Rodriguez-Masjon, M.P.A., originally from Argentina, is an Artists and Cultural Development Professionals with diverse production and coordination expertise in performing arts, music, visual art as well as media, social media and digital promotion.  Since 2015 she has been developing and arts and culture exchange program with Cuba by bringing local artists to Cuba and sponsoring Cuban artists here in Rhode Island. Delia is also a well know Spanish radio Talk-Show Host and Producer.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from RIC and a Master’s in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management from URI.

Led by Rhode Island based Latino, Afro-Cuban and African-American Cultural Development Professionals from the United States and Cuba, the mission of EcoArts USA is to support, coordinate and lead arts, cultural and educational exchange programs between artists of color from the United States and artists in Cuba by cultivating, promoting and documenting their talent, creativity and magic to tell their own stories and histories.  Their vision is that international arts and cultural exchange is an honest person-to person engagement which encourages communication and dialogue to promote better understanding of other cultures among people from diverse countries, races and ethnicities as they come together for a profound and sustained engagement among artists and between artists and audiences.

They represent artists and cultural development professionals with diverse art and cultural backgrounds, disciplines and talents which include performing arts, music, visual art as well as media and social media and digital promotion with 20 years of experience in the art and cultural equity world.   Since 2015 they have been working to connect directly with Cuban artist and arts organizations, as well as create and strengthen partnerships with artists and arts organizations of color from the US to create a program that has Cultural Equity, sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

It is no surprise that with the opening doors of diplomacy between the US and Cuba, there has been a great deal of interest by everyone, both here and there, to learn from each other.  Americans are fascinated by wanting to visit Cuba “before it changes”, however, the magic and beauty of Cuba is directly connected to the people and their stories.  The best way to connect with another country is meeting directly with people through the arts, cultural conversation and convening, thus this program offers that direct people-to people, artist-to artists, artist-to-community component essential to successful international exchange programs.

The University of Rhode Island Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies is Proud to present this dynamic exhibit and events in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

 Gallery Night Providence


URI Feinstein Providence Campus 1st and 2nd floor Gallery

80 Washington Street  Providence, RI 02903

Hours Mon. -Thurs. 9-9, Fri & Sat 9-4 closed Sundays and holidays.

For information call 401-277-5206 or visit All events are free and open to the public.

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