Meet Celebrity Guide Kate Wilson

We are so pleased to have Kate Wilson as one of our “Celebrity Guides” for our July 20, 2017 Gallery Night.

Kate is best known for her abstract and surrealist twist on what “is.” Her curious and adventurous nature ensures that her path is filled with discovery. Her mission is to create simple, elegant, and thought-provoking art with a process that is organic and playful. Kate often uses her photography as a starting point to capture everyday subjects within the fleeting essence of the moment.

She is drawn to color, shape, pattern, and texture as they relate to one another, and using these elements, coupled with any combination of scale, angle, repetition, perspective, and focus, her creations call for contemplation and imagination. The photographs she takes may become part of a reflecting pattern, or mandala, or may take on life as a stand-alone art piece.

Her love of nature and fine art, her years spent as an educator, her work as a graphic designer, and her happy outlook on life influence her art. Kate lives and creates in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Photographer Kate Wilson will host a Gallery Night Providence tour

For more on Kate and her work, have a look at her website.

Gallery Night Providence


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