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Gallery Night Providence, Gallery Z

Each Gallery Night, we offer what we call a “Collector’s Tour”.  This tour is led by local art collectors who share their stories of collecting adventures, the artists they’ve met, and personal discoveries.  Learn how anyone can become an art collector on any budget, all you need is a good eye and a passion for the arts.

Gallery Night Providence

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4 Responses to About Gallery Night Collector’s Tours

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  2. Rhonda Ricci says:

    Why can’t the entire gallery tour schedule be posted so we know with adequate time which we’d like to attend? I am particularly interested in one that features an Italian heritage artist and forgot the name and would like to request the time off of work to attend as our schedules need to be requested 3 weeks in advance working nights. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Rhonda,
      Thank you for your inquiry. To insure that each Gallery Night is a unique experience we are constantly modifying our schedule, therefore we have no final schedule until one month prior to each Gallery Night. However, we encourage feedback, like yours, in that it is a great help to our planning process. The good news is that the artist I believe you are thinking of is Angelo Marinoschi Jr. who will be hosting one of our October 19, 2017 tours. Angelo also has some of his paintings on currently on view at the URI Feinstein Campus Gallery until the end of June. Thank you again for contacting us and I hope to see you on Gallery Night.

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