Meet Celebrity Guide Emily Dustman

We at Gallery Night Providence are very much looking forward to having Emily Dustman as one of our Celebrity Guides on our season opening night, March 16, 2017.

Emily Dustman hosts a Gallery Night Providence tour

Here’s more about Emily in her own words.

Emily Dustman is an artist, scientist, teacher, and author who has been published in various journals for research regarding species of conservation concern. Dustman has spent the last eight years teaching at various colleges fusing art and science in her own curriculum and serves as college course coordinator implementing STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math).

In 2015, Dustman completed a natural science illustration program at Rhode Island School of Design. Not long after, she was commissioned to paint the Turtles of Rhode Island for the Roger Williams Park Zoo, further developing them into a poster used for conservation education. She continued on to create the Turtles of Rhode Island postcard series, which can be found in numerous locations around Providence such as the Audubon Society, Rhody Craft, Craftland, and online.

With the poster and postcard series, Dustman found herself well-versed and inspired by print media and in the spring of 2016, she established E-Squared Magazine – a quarterly, print publication fusing her affinity for art and science. With the release of Issue #1 in late fall of 2016, Dustman set out to present new and ground-breaking ideas developed by artists, scientists, engineers, and the like. By blending art and science, she intended to generate questions, creative thought, experimentation, collaboration, and innovation with the hope of sparking real social and cultural change. Issue #1 was well-received with critical acclaim. “I’m proud to be a part of this art/sci magazine [that is] very meticulously put together,” said Issue #1 featured neuroscientist and artist, Greg A. Dunn. Jen Long of Issue #1 commented “E-Squared has produced a work on art that is a work of art in itself. It’s a feast for the eyes and the mind, and every detail including the way it feels and it’s freshly printed smell is thoughtful and inviting.”


Dustman is currently piecing together work for issues 2 and 3 – a long and arduous process that involves a great amount of research, communication, networking, promotion, as well as the “meticulously” refined details involved in creating the publication – compiling relevant and up to date information, writing bios, layout, and so on. E-Squared is the flagship production of an eventual, wider distribution concerning the relevance of art and science and their placement in humanity’s tools of necessity. Dustman aspires to witness a more developed, interactive, and effective project with E-Squared that is geared towards young readers (proceeds funding a scholarship) as well as create workshops for engaging and connecting artists and scientists or to simply inspire youth to pursue creative and technical careers.


While Dustman’s stay in Rhode Island has been relatively short (3 years), she has managed to establish herself as a true innovator of the social condition already having coordinated and established several art/science workshops, her own art career (scientific illustration and installation), a magazine, and two books in progress concerning social sciences (educational establishments and development and America’s ongoing/persistent, psychological struggle).
“Looking through pink rimmed glasses of an eleven-year old girl one would see shelves overflowing with slides, beakers, field guides, creatures in aquaria, clay, brushes, paint, and sketchbooks of the observed and imagined. You would see art and science, a laboratory and an art studio. From my very own life experiences, I can state with confidence that the arts and sciences do go hand in hand – they are integral to one another, and give power and richness to each other. It is my belief that the future will be reliant on this fusion of art and science.” – Emily Dustman

Gallery Night Providence


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