Gallery Night Tour Schedule For November 17, 2016

5:30 History Tour with Celebrity Barbara Barnes  (Judi Dill Guide)

Barbara Barnes, Gallery Night Providence, Celebrity Guide

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery 

RISD Museum

Anthony Tomaselli

Bannister Gallery (RI College)

Cate Chason

5:50 Celebrity Contemporary Tour with Charlie Hall (Cathren Housley Guide)

Charlie Hall, Gallery Night Providence

ArtProv Gallery

BankRI Turks Head Gallery

David Winton Bell Gallery

ISB Gallery (RISD)

6:10 Artisan Tour (Kate Champa Guide)

J Schatz

Gather: Glass Blowing Studio and Gallery

The Handicraft Club

Three Wheel Studio

Gallery Belleau

6:30 Celebrity Contemporary Tour with Carrie Decker (John Housley and Ted DiLucia Guides)

Carrie Decker, Motif Magazine, Gallery Night Providence

Chazan Gallery at Wheeler

Dryden Gallery

Providence College Galleries (Reilly)

Half Full

Silvershell Gallery at Rosmarin


7:00 Celebrity Shopping Tour with Alyssa Cavallo (Anthony DiPalma Guide)

Motif Magazine, Alyssa Cavallo, Gallery Night Providence

Sprout RI

Gallery/Studio Z LLC

Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery & Shop


The Peaceable Kingdom

Gallery Night Providence


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3 Responses to Gallery Night Tour Schedule For November 17, 2016

  1. Harold Roth says:

    Could you put the date for the particular gallery night on each post? Or even the day of the week, if there is one. Because I looked through several of your posts, and there are no dates for when this happens. Every night? Once a month? Am I missing it?

    • Hello Mr. Roth,
      Thank you for your suggestion. Gallery Night Providence falls on the third Thursday of each month, March through November. This is stated on the about page and most posts begin with either the dates a given exhibit is up or, if it’s a Gallery Night only event, the date of that particular night. But you’re right I should be putting it on each post. The next and final Gallery Night of the 2016 season is on November 17, I hope you can make it and again, thank you for your vigilance.

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