Meet Celebrity Guides Carmen Marusich and Niels Hobbs

We’re so excited to have Carmen Marusich and Niels Hobbbs as our Celebrity Guides leading our Collectors Tour on the next Gallery Night Providence, October 20, 2016.
Gallery Night Providence
Carmen Marusich and Niels Hobbs are co-organizers of NecronomiCon Providence, the international conference and festival of weird fiction and art based around the literary works of local author H.P. Lovecraft, and the many writers and artists he’s inspired around the world. They also run the nonprofit Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, which stages author readings, walking tours, and art shows in the Weird genre – and has a bookstore / visitor center / art gallery in the historic Providence Arcade.

They are both long-time collectors of oddities, art, and old books from around the world, having traveled much of the world themselves. They curate their house much like a Victorian impressionist’s cabinet of curiosities, full of peculiar art and artifacts – and a few peculiar cats.

By day, Carmen is a seasoned copy editor, writer, and musician, and Niels is a marine biologist and erstwhile bartender.

Gallery Night Providence


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