Meet Celebrity Guide Gage Prentiss

For this October’s Gallery Night Providence 2016, we thrilled to have sculptor, painter and multi media artist Gage Prentiss as one of our Celebrity Guides.


Gage is a sculptor and painter living and working in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He graduated with a BFA in Sculpture form Boston University in 1999, and has been exploring the feelings of place, presence and wonder through his art ever since.

When he began as an artist, he was driven to make tangible objects from things experienced in dreams, to make the presence in his head stand in the room. Gage worked figuratively using the rich language of human gesture, nuance, balance and context to say a lot with very little. These figures usually broke down or transformed in different ways to capture a revolving sense of beauty and repulsiveness in the protean dualities of dream logic. He explored himself and the world through the funhouse lens of his subconscious with welded steel, plaster, and resin.

It wasn’t till Gage moved to Rhode Island that he really began to feel a deep sense of place. This gave him a new artistic drive and inspired him to capture the vistas, ghosts, and personalities around the State. At first this manifested by making small objects inspired by the fiction of Providence-born H. P. Lovecraft. They conjured feelings of presence, curiosity and wonder. Later Gage was driven to express how he experienced the seasonal faces of Rhode Island through landscape painting.

Currently Gage is working on a life-size statue of the influential writer H. P Lovecraft in bronze as a gift to the city of Providence.  It will let him communicate a feeling of place, presence and history to the public, all through the figure.  It is his first attempt at monumental public art, and an exciting step forward towards other public projects.

Gage continues to explore and experiment with many subjects and materials, both 3-d and 2-d, as he learns to see and share his experience of life as an artist.

Gallery Night Providence


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