Meet Celebrity Guide Madolin Maxey

We are quite fortunate to have painter, Madolin Maxey as one of our Celebrity Guides on the April 20, 2017, Gallery Night Providence.

Gallery Night Providence, Free Art Tour, Led by Madolin Maxey

Here’s Madolin’s, umm, story, and it’s quite a story indeed,

Version 1.

Madolin Maxey was born in Papenoo, Tahiti, and raised in Vanuatu where she learned to make baskets of fish bones and pandanus leaves. When she was age eight, her family set sail for New Guinea and Samoa where they began a study of the Indonesian rhino. As a teen-ager, Madolin took off alone to sketch seashells and sea snakes near Osakikami-shima in the Sea of Japan. Winters were spent working on a Maui flower farm on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in the Hawaiian Islands.

Her wanderings took her south in search of the Giant Squid in the waters of New Zealand and west to Africa in search of wild apes and pygmy elephants. She has spent countless years sailing among the blue whales off the coast of Baha California. She married a European scientist specializing in Fluid Flows and produced an interesting and beautiful daughter.

It is difficult to determine the accuracy of these facts, but we do know Madolin Maxey spent much of her youth in Washington, DC, with long weekends exploring the halls of the Smithsonian Institution museums and was indeed named after her grandmother, Madolin Smithson. Her adult life finds her revisiting the actual lands of her imagination and returning with stories told through painting and sculpture.


Version 2.

Colors and shapes lead the eye in a vigorous dance around her canvases. At first glance, her paintings seem to depict familiar landscapes and actual locations, yet they are only loosely based on reality. Madolin paints from memory, challenging the conventions of the medium with poetic grace and playful energy, Her emotional reactions to a place or an experience become a story told through color and line.

Madolin Maxey is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. A Providence resident since 1982, she has been a member of the Providence Art Club since 1996. Although primarily a painter, she has built teahouses, designed extensively for theatre, and initiated public art projects in Providence. She maintains a studio in Providence, and can also be contacted through the Providence Art Club.

Gallery Night Providence


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