Meet Celebrity Guide Ginny Fox

Gallery Night Providence welcomes the return of Ginny Fox as one of our “Celebrity Guides” on July 20, 2017.

Gallery Night Providence, Peace Flag Project

Ginny Fox founded the Peace Flag Project (PFP) in 2004, and serves as the Executive Director. In 2011, PFP became a 501C3. Ginny always says that working for peace is the work of her heart. The project which began as a personal spiritual journey has become something she has shared with thousands of people in RI and surrounding areas. She has studied Nonviolent Communication with Maria DeCarvalho and completed the Introduction to Nonviolence Training at the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at URI.

Her professional background is as an editor and writer at McGraw Hill Books and Random House in New York City. While living in New York City, Connecticut and RI, Ginny pursued photography at the School of Visual Arts, International Center for Photography, Silvermine Art School (CT), and with Kristin Street at Moses Brown. She has had a lifelong interest in the arts – dance, theater, and music. As head of the PFP, she has worked with dozens of RI organizations throughout the state. For Ginny, peace and the arts are intertwined.Gallery Night Providence





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