Meet Celebrity Guide Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

Gallery Night Providence

We are very excited to have painter, Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon as one of our “Celebrity Guides” on Gallery Night, August 18, 2016.

Jennifer is a full time artist and self-taught painter from East Providence with a background in sculpture. She attended Rhode Island College in the 90s, supplementing her art education in both England and Italy. She worked as a public school teacher for nearly two decades, and still teaches private classes to both children and adults. Mainly known for her ethereal portraits of well known individuals with a twist, Jennifer was described by art critic Don Wilkinson as “a high priestess” who creates paintings “which are expressionistic with an eye for detail (and) and eye for the eyes, the gateway of the soul.” She is an active board member on both the East Providence Arts Council (EPAC) and of Gallery Night Providence.

Since 2012, Jennifer has had multiple solo shows, recently including the University of Rhode Island Providence Gallery, The Silvershell Gallery in Providence and The Robert Hunt Gallery of New Bedford as well as having been included in multiple group shows in the Southern New England area. In addition, Jennifer had a hand in the creation, organization and launch of two new art festivals in Rhode Island this past year, including “the looff” Arts Festival and The Hunt’s Mills Festival, both of which take place in East Providence.

She has a very active following on Facebook, where she showcases the progress of paintings from start to finish. Her page can be found here:

Gallery Night Providence



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