Painter Erin Isabella at The Silvershell Gallery

If you happen to be Downtown anytime soon, stop by The Tarragon Bar, located in the Hotel Providence, and check out the recent works of Erin Isabella .  Come to the Gallery Night reception on July 21, 2016, or visit during business hours.  By the way, the staff is very friendly and will let you enjoy Erin’s work anytime.


Erin in her own words,

Painting from the school of Abstract Expressionism, I use color, texture, and layering to tell deeply personal and complex stories. Each painting is comprised of many layers, and every hidden one conveys its story through the ripples and marks it leaves on the surface of the finished canvas.

This series, called Interior Worlds, takes its inspiration from the pain and suffering of surviving and escaping a violent multi-year relationship. Taking the brutality of the experience and turning it into something delicate and beautiful has become a freeing and joyful part of the healing process. My paintings convey complicated messages but at their core, the overarching lesson throughout is this: great beauty can hide great ugliness.

Enjoy my work for its riot of color and movement or explore the deeper meaning and hidden stories each painting tells. Your journey and experience with my work is just as personal as mine.

Gallery Night Providence


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