Meet Celebrity Guide Karen Rand Anderson

We are very pleased to have Providence artist Karen Rand Anderson as one of our “Celebrity Guides” for our July 21, 2016 Gallery Night.  

Karen Rand Anderson, Gallery Night Providence

Karen graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design in 1977 with a BFA in ceramics, and in 2010 received her MFA in mixed media studio art through the Vermont Studio Center/Johnson State College masters program in Johnson, VT. She has completed residencies at Vermont Studio Center, as well as in Bulgaria through the Griffis Foundation/Orpheus Foundation and at I-Park Artist’s Enclave in East Haddam CT. Her work has been shown regionally and nationally in juried, invitational and solo exhibitions.

Gallery Night Providence

Anderson’s recent work focuses on an exploration of landscape, informed by intuitive mark-making, layering of color, gestural brushwork, and spontaneity. The mixed-media paintings are colorful references to vista and memory, drawing the viewer into a personal experience of place. Her sculptural work utilizes natural materials combined with appropriated objects; her large-format drawings often reference her sculptures, both visually and conceptually.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  Karen Rand Anderson
“My current work is based on a personal exploration of landscape through abstraction. The paintings are energetically rendered studies, based on fragments of landscape imagery, that reflect my personal connection to beauty and place. With a commitment to intuitive mark-making and a bold palette, my intention with this work is to visually ignite memory, question, and mystery about the personal and emotional places we seek.

Gallery Night Providence

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