April at Peter Miller Fine Art Photography

Peter Miller’s Fine Art Photography Gallery is always a worthwhile stop on Gallery Night, and April 21, 2016 is no exception with a show of works by Cindy Wilson and Cemal Elkin.

Peter Miller Fine Art Photography, Gallery Night Providence

Cindy Wilson “The Open Door” & Cemal Ekin “Olive Tree”

Old textile mills, an abandoned penitentiary, medieval European castles, and the streets of Cuba vary in their geographic origin, but in each image Cindy Wilson captures a consistent vision of beauty and dignity in unexpected places. The care, purpose and ingenuity of the buildings’ design become living entities as you walk through their passages, full of spirit and history. Wilson captures illuminated architectural details, patinas, textures, graphics, and doorways that lead to undefined spaces beyond. States of timelessness and deterioration suggest the presence of what has come before. Now that the usefulness and purpose of these man-made entities have ended, time and entropy are their fate. Wilson’s images preserve these decaying relics with a sense of calm and before they are forgotten.
“Trees of the Aegean”
Most trees have character, olive trees manifest the most visible and varied character of them all. Considered by many as eternal trees, they live centuries, even beyond millennia. Camel Ekin has captured the character and personality of the olive trees of Ayvalik, Turkey and created stunning “portraits”, capturing the spirit residing within. In his series of images, Ekin displays the uniqueness of the trees’ rotational growth into twisted shapes of trunks; the light show of leaves with a dark green side and a shimmering silvery side; and of course, the aged dignity they seem to preserve even after severe pruning. The “Trees of the Aegean” are like monuments, a gift to us in many ways by nature.

Please join  us at the opening reception: Thursday April 21, 5 to 9pm

The exhibit is on display from March 17 to April 16, 2016. Gallery hours are by appointment.
Gallery Night Providence
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