Kimberly Sherman Leon Returns To Gallery Night

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Kimberly Sherman Leon

Great news, Kimberly Sherman-Leon, founder and president of RI Creative Magazine will be one of Gallery Night Providence‘s Celebrity Guides in April.

A Rhode Island College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a minor in industrial technology, a local graphic designer, business owner, wife, mother of three (ages 16, 12 & 3), publisher and an honorable mention Woman to Watch Entrepreneur, Kimberly has been in the creative arts industry for almost two decades and understands its importance, not only to herself but for many others as well.

In her daily line of work, she strives to make other small and large businesses succeed by providing professional designs and products that help market and grow their small or large business. At the same time, she is educating her clients about the importance of design and how it delivers a message visually to their potential clients and other businesses. This led her to not only want to educate what she does, but what we all do and promote the artistic community, improve the communication between the industries and provide connections between business sectors by bringing the community together.

With a mission to educate and promote the artistic community, Kimberly conceived and developed a unique one-of-a-kind publication called Rhode Island Creative Magazine to highlight the outstanding creative talent of RI. RICM has become a catalyst for raising awareness of the economic value of the creative arts industry to the state and the springboard of expanded interest and understanding of the abundance of talent and creative energy in the local area.

Rhode Island Creative Magazine is a collection of local creative news that connects the reader to the story of the craft; communicates the unknown and collaborates the creative and business sectors, all within a promotional and educational tool that delivers tips, resources and inspiring stories for students, entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers; in a freedom of creative expression platform called a magazine.
The Rhode Island Creative Magazine makes Rhode Island and the City of Providence, its Creative Capital, shine!”

Gallery Night Providence


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