This March at Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery

Photography by Peter Miller & Brett Henrikson

March 17 – April 16, 2016
Gallery Night Providence opening reception March 17, 5:00- 9:00pm
Gallery Night Providence, Peter Miller Photography, Brett Henrikson

Peter Miller “Near the End” © 2016 and Brettt Henrikson “Chaotic Forms No. 111” © 2016

Peter Miller, “Places”
Photographs are reflections on permanence, the capture of a moment in time. Peter Miller amplifies the conventional idea of a photographic scene in his hyper-realist panoramic compositions in “Places”. With every detail rendered and wide views captured, the images freeze the moment and simultaneously question the boundaries of the real. In “Places”, the panoramas merge the big skies with street level views of everyday urban scenes – people waiting for the train, walking to work, smoking cigarettes in the alley – and freeze those transient moments. The themes within are shared with “realist” landscape painters from Jacob van Ruisdael to Edward Hopper: transience and permanence; the sublime and the mundane; the forces of nature and the efforts of man to harness nature.
Brett Henrikson, “Chaotic Forms”
Most photographs serve as a conduit for realism providing the viewer with a window into our world. The images for “Chaotic Forms” are broken windows; silver shards created through destruction echoing a dialogue with dark dreams from a long forgotten past. In these dreams skin becomes metallic and I let the light guide my sense of mysticism into somewhere new that only exists on the ether and in the shimmering light from my darkroom trays and from behind my eyes. In dialogue with classical painting and sculpture, “Chaotic Forms” allows for the surreal and the deceptive to enter back into the photograph. The slow nature of working in the darkroom takes on a meditative quality, the red light and glass plates dance in the shadows with endless possibility. I show the viewer smoke and mirrors, intimate forms and dark beauty.
Gallery Night Providence
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