Meet Celebrity Guide Joan McLaughlin

We are very pleased to have Joan McLaughlin lead our collector’s tour on the first Gallery Night of the season on March 17, 2016.


Joan has always had a love of the arts in all it’s forms.  She started out her undergraduate studies in modern dance with Martha Graham, and in art history at Rhode Island College and Connecticut College.

Eventually Joan went on to pursue a career in corporate travel management working for Thomas Cook Travel, Lufthansa German Airlines, and Tyco Healthcare/Covidien.  This allowed her opportunities for extensive travel which further inspired her love of art and culture.

She then went on to manage Cicione Studios in Providence, and later Gallery 2190 in Cranston’s Pawtuxet Village which featured works by Robert Cicione as well as other contemporary artists/designers  such as Andrea Valentini and  Kate Hines.  

Joan still enjoys working with local artists on marketing ideas, growing their art businesses, and currently owns a growing collection of art works.  For anyone who is an art collector, or has an interest building a collection, meeting Joan will be an inspiration for sure.

Gallery Night Providence


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