Meet Celebrity Guide Suzanne Volmer

Suzanne Volmer, Gallery Night ProvidenceAvant-Garde sculptor Suzanne Volmer brings unique insight as our Celebrity Guide this March to inaugurate Gallery Night Providence’s 2016 Season.  She is a Rhode Island-based artist with a career of international stature and offers lively commentary on contemporary art.

Her exhibition history includes three large sculpture installations sited in Providence last year coinciding with the NCECA conference. Her installation Echoes at The Arcade sponsored by Providence Windows, became a top exhibition “Tweet” of conference organizers.

In addition to creating artwork Suzanne writes art criticism and is a regular contributor to Artscope Magazine, which is a Boston-based publication.  For Artscope she has covered Rhode Island, New England, and the Miami Art Fairs.  She is also a regular contributor to Sculpture Magazine of the ISC, Washington, DC, and a member of the International Art Critics Association.  Volmer has been a guest artist at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and has taught at Rhode Island School of Design. She was a preparator at Leo Castelli Gallery in NYC among others.

Gallery Night Providence

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