RACE MATTERS! A Current show at the URI Feinstein Campus gallery

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program presents

RACE MATTERS! January 25 – February 26th with a reception February 7th from 2-4pm

RACE MATTERS! is an exhibit presented by URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program in the 1st and 2nd floor Lobby Gallery January 25-February 26th in honor of  Black History Month with a Reception February 7th from 2-4pm.  The exhibit features the work of Professor Bob Dilworth along with 20 notable local artists celebrating Racial and Cultural Diversity and exposing our long  history of and recent explosion of horrible acts of Racism across the nation and the world through the visual arts in all media.

Along with the nationally acclaimed artist Professor Bob Dilworth, the exhibit will include works by Rufus Abdulla, Sharon Armour, Ramona Bass Kolobe, Pamela Council, Tamara Diaz, Reza Clifton, JAROCK , Monique Rolle Johnson, Linda King, Nixon Leger, Cynthia Taylor Meeks, Bili Mason, Mary Beth Meehan, Donna Mitchell, Onna Moniz-John, Munir Mohammed, Tracy Montgomery, Hannah Resseger, Basma Samira, Ibraham Sabur, Joel Rosario Tapia, Simone Spruce Torres, Stephen Wood, and students from the Central Falls High School Arts Program. 

URI Art Professor Robert ‘Bob’ Dilworth’s lifetime of work has explored the human form and human condition.  Always thought provoking, sometimes unsettling , it speaks of the lives and stories of African Americans, and the struggles for equal rights, self identity and freedom often presumed to be available to everyone. As a painter, Dilworth often explores paint in combination with other media and a variety of surfaces, in 2 and 3 dimension, moving beyond anything traditional or expected.  His work demands thought and elicits a response from the viewer.  Of his recent work Dilworth says, “The physical process of painting – its vitality – is integral to my work.  My work has transitioned from emotionally charged abstract imagery painted on non-traditional surfaces to figurative paintings on canvas with mixed-media. My work gives visual expression to my experiences growing up in the South in a large family rich in lively personas. The work explores in a unique manner memory, myths, folktales and spiritual beliefs.”

“My working process begins with observations, in-depth research to clarify ideas, making photographs for study purposes and creating a series of drawings to work out compositions prior to painting. My artistic journey is a continuity of ideas and themes expressed through experimentation of media, surfaces and studio techniques. There is always something new that pushes my work forward at the same time I’m constantly returning to old ideas. In the end I realize what is required to finish each painting. Challenging myself to test out new ideas and materials keeps the vision moving forward. There is personal satisfaction when I am able to free up time to work nine to twelve hours a day in my studio.”  Professor Dilworth’s most recent body of work, “Memories of Inhabited Spaces” is a traveling exhibit recently presented at the Bannister Gallery of Rhode Island College and now touring the country.

URI Feinstein Providence Campus1st and 2nd Floor Lobby Gallery

80 Washington St Providence RI 02903   

Hours: M-TH 9-9, F& S 9-4 closed Sundays and Holidays

For Information call 401-277-5206 uri.artsandculture@gmail.com or visit web.uri.edu/prov/arts

Follow us on Twitter @URIprovarts All events are FREE and open to the public


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