Meet Celebrity Guide Beth Braganca Bell

Embee Studio, Gallery Night Providence, Beth Braganca Bell

We are so excited to have illustrator, Beth Braganca Bell as one of November Gallery Night’s Celebrity Guides on the last Gallery Night of the 2015 season.
​Beth Braganca Bell studied illustration at Mass Art and works as the Art Director at Embee Studio. While she collaborates with her husband Mike on many projects, creating motion graphics and illustrations,  she also does her own design work. The style of Beth’s art focuses mainly on organic subject matter and is mostly black and white. She loves playing with repetitive shapes and is fascinated by manipulating lines to create images often inspired by flora and fauna.


After graduating from Mass Art and before founding Embee, Beth freelanced on many different art projects, designing images for logos, business cards, invitations and other collateral. Following the birth of their twin daughters in 2006, Beth began to work more closely with Mike to bring her artistic eye to his multimedia projects. Today Beth has begun to further develop her personal brand and now sells her artwork on Etsy.

To see more of Beth’s work, visit

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