Meet Celebrity Guide Rich Watrous

Gallery Night Providence

RI artist Rich Watrous has, over his 35+ year creative career, explored many aspects of the arts, as a designer, art fabricator, sculptor, painter, art advocate, curator and creative industry consultant.  Just some of his venues have included vanity publishing, architecture, puppet theater, art gallery ownership, non-profit arts management, furniture design, restaurant design, and landscape design.

As owner of Trees of Life Art Fabrication Company for over 28 years, he has been involved in large and small sculpture projects around the world, with construction and fabrication of public art projects, creative spaces and large scale murals. As an art manufacturer he has created wooden dolls, jewelry, furniture, corporate awards, and high relief sculptures. As an artist he works in wood, foam, metals, fiberglass, 3D printing processes, and plastics.

Watrous is recognized as an active, vocal advocate for the arts, and other creative industry endeavors,  throughout Rhode Island, & the Southern New England area. His interests as a Creative Industry Consultant include maker community developments and small creative businesses inspired by artists/designers. Watrous focuses much of his efforts in the city of Pawtucket, where he serves as Co-Chair of the Pawtucket Art Festival executive board/committee.

Watrous is the founder & creative contact for DAWN, a Southern New England art, artist, and creative industry support network based in East Providence. Watrous operates the DAWN At The GRANT Gallery & Community Space, Main St, Pawtucket.

Watrous also founded STUDIO 55, a micro-fabrication space/maker community, and the River Rocket Initiative Org. (River Rocket RI) to develop further maker/creative start-up communities.

He is the former curator for art exhibits as well as a former ambassador for the organization PeaceLove Studios, located in Pawtucket. In 2012, Watrous was the Director of the Wickford Art Festival and oversaw its 50th Year, Golden Anniversary Celebrations.

Gallery Night Providence


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