Meet Celebrity Guide Julie Brayton

Gallery Night Providence

Gallery Night Providence welcomes Julie Brayton as our October Celebrity guide.

Julie, a Rhode Island contemporary realist oil and acrylic painter, who at a young age began drawing horses and other animals and at age 13, when a family artist friend offered to help her do her first oil painting Julie was hooked and has been painting ever since.

Coming from a family of fisherman and farmers, images of boats, seascapes and animals were her source of inspiration.  At that time she was very focused on relaying the details of the subject.  As time went on she wanted to explore a more creative side.

Julie studied with independent artists but the most influential was renowned artist Ernest Principato.  Prince, as he is affectionately known, introduced her to the Cape Cod School of Art.  There she learned to paint the color of light through “Plein Air“ painting which allows you to see color more accurately and to experience live the subject at hand. She also took continuing ed courses at RISD.

Julie’s work is now characterized by expressive color relaying the atmospheric effects of light on color. Her brushstrokes are bold with less attention on details but instead on expressive strokes to relay the feeling of the moment.

Most recently Julie has taken this expression a step further to more abstracted realism.
Her artwork is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and is in several public collections including Hasbro Children’s hospital. Some of that work is in the form of commissioned portraits, murals and favorite places to the owner.  Julie is also a member of the Wickford Art Association where she has participated in group shows.

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