Gallery Night Celebrates Native American Heritage Month With Casey Figueroa

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we are honored to have Indigenous artist Casey Figueroa as one of our October Celebrity Guides.  Native American Heritage month is actually in November but we at Gallery Night Providence chose to get an early start.

Casey Figueroa

Casey Figueroa

Casey Figueroa is an Indigenous Contemporary Abstract painter who has attended The Fashion Institute of Technology from 2000-2002, and Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2006 with a BFA.

Currently, Casey challenges himself to create Native abstract art through a formalist language. Presently working in the world class museum setting of Plimoth Plantation, he has operated in advisory and consulting roles for museums in a cultural context, and has volunteered for the Americorps VISTA program in Billings, Montana, providing service to American Indian population.

Casey is a unique contemporary Native American painter and digital artist, with a focus on art that speaks to the experience of modern Indigenous people.

For more on Casey’s work:

Casey Figeuroa, Gallery Night ProvidenceFor more information on Native American Heritage in Rhode Island, check out the Tomaquag Museum’s website (HERE)

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