Richard Bradley to lead our September Collector’s Tour


Jewelry designer, Gorham silver consultant, collector, and Gallery Night Providence staff member Richard Bradley will be leading the September 17th collectors tour.

Richard in his own words,

I’ve always had a fascination, as far back as I can remember, with jewelry and all things sparkly. In my teenage years I started collecting vintage costume jewelry and my natural inclination was to explore how and where such beautiful objects were made, which led me to a lengthy career in jewelry design which continues to this day.

After earning a BFA degree in light metals from the Rhode Island School of Design my interests expanded to hand crafted metalwork, and living in Providence my focus turned to our local  legacy, Gorham silver.  My work on the Gorham Silver Company Archives, housed at Brown University’s John Hay Library, has given me a second career as a Gorham silver consultant.

I’m very much looking forward to this tour and encourage our Gallery Night guests to come with questions about their own Gorham pieces, and to learn about the care and collecting of all forms metal work.

You can learn more about Richard and his work by going to his online shop, or his blog,, and to learn about his work on the Gorham Silver Archives

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