Meet Celebrity Guide Robin Halpren Ruder

Robin Halpern Ruder

We are very pleased to have Robin Halpren Ruder returning as one of our Celebrity Guide this month on Gallery Night Providence.  Here’s More about Robin in her own words:

I love to paint, I love color, I love patterns! When I graduated from art school my husband started medical school. Being an independent personality and finding a difficult job market I decided to venture into business. I painted murals all over New Orleans .

I would cold call businesses and say “I’m a professional artist and I believe art should be where you work and live.” Until they said “Lady, I never want to hear from you again,” I would continue to call them once a week. When lucky, I would get the chance to make a presentation of my art. I watched the clients’ expressions as they saw different pictures and we talked about the use of space in their environment. I painted hospitals, banks, industrial buildings, government buildings, retail stores and private homes. I continued this career in Burlington, VT.

When I moved to Providence, RI, where I still live, I had young children and my husband started his own medical practice. I traded paintbrush for a pen and I learned medical administration. In 2005 I decided it had to be my time to paint. I thought its now or never and it became now in a BIG way! I’m happy and hopefully my paintings convey this. To me it is most important to enjoy life, all vertical moments are precious. I hope my work is full of fun. I hope it brings a smile to your face!

My feelings on being an artist/collector: There were 3 art lovers who helped form my relationship with the artistic process.

First, I learned to love creating art from my grandmother. She dressed my sister, cousins and me in our father’s old T-shirts, handed us brushes, paints and canvas board. We went all out with our creativity.

Second, I learned to love collecting art from my dad. He taught me how to fall in love with an artist’s work. He said you see something and it captivates you. If you wake up the next day still thinking about it, go back and buy it I usually don’t wait until the next day.

Third, I learned to recognize what art I loved from a wonderful teacher. He introduced me to the work of untrained artists, known as Visionary Artists and Outsider Artists.

These individuals have no formal art training but do amazing work because something in them makes them need to be visually creative. Their work is full of energy, full of life.

My husband and I have been collecting Visionary, Outsider and Folk art for 40 years. Our home is filled with fun! Collecting art has been a privilege!

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