New Works By Amy Rudis At The URI Feinstein Gallery

Emergence: New Works By Amy Rudis

July 1 – August 21

Gallery Night Reception July 16, 5-9pm

Amy Rudis is an Alumni of Rhode Island College with a BS in Art Education. She is an inspiring and inspired Art teacher at East Providence High School, and continues to create dynamic and evocative work of her own. Amy is a tremendously talented portrait painter who works as the Principal Painter for TEN31 Productions. Her painting is seen in TEN31 Productions’ innovative Performance Art/Living Statues across the country and her portraits on canvas are exhibited widely throughout the region.

“As a figurative artist, I feel the importance of capturing both beauty and imperfection in the human form is imperative in evoking emotion within the viewer. Nudes have long been a popular subject matter amongst artists, and have in the recent past seemingly, become a dying art form. It is my desire to give rise to the appreciation for figurative art simply as a work of beauty; drawing the viewer’s eye into the subtle nuances of form and color being my main goal. Another important aspect of my work is to capture extreme light and shadow within the subject/setting, much like the renaissance masters and the use of chiaroscuro. My main influences would be the works of Lucian Freud and Philip Pearlstein.”

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