Meet Celebrity Guide Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart, Gallery Night Providence

We are very pleased to have painter Nancy Hart as one of our “Celebrity Guides” this month for Gallery night Providence.

(Nancy in her own words)

Self-taught, More or Less

I spent my formative years in Western MA where I attended UMASS Amherst as an English Major.  Like many kids, I enjoyed painting and drawing, but never pictured taking it very far.  Then, when I was living in Worcester in my late 20’s, I started drawing nearly every day.  I practiced until I got to the point where I wouldn’t feel embarrassed taking a class, which I did at the Worcester Art Museum School.  I lucked into studying with Robert Douglas Hunter, a great still life painter, and went on to take more classes, one at a time.

When I moved to Providence over 30 years ago, I accidentally drank from the water fountain on Benefit Street, because I haven’t moved since.  I’ve always worked full time to support myself.  I availed myself of the Continuing Ed courses at RISD, most of them at night, which I relished; life drawing, portraiture, painting, book arts.  Because I’m a part-time artist, my pace has been rather turtle-like, compared to full time painters.  Nonetheless, I’ve had opportunities to exhibit work regularly.  Eighteen years ago I became a member of the Providence Art Club, where I exhibit and take classes.

I live in the West Broadway area.  The view from the front of my home is unlovely, but out back I’ve cultivated a garden where I grow dahlias and feed the birds, including a spirited little Downy Woodpecker who eats suet cakes all winter.  In addition to garden plants, I collect hands made in many materials – wood, ceramic, metal.  And I also have a collection of bottles, old ones.  Sometimes friends dig one up in their yards, and it makes its way into a still life painting.  I’m fascinated by translucence and direct painting, rather than using washes or glazes.

And here’s a sampling of Nancy’s work…

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