Gabriel Capuano Show at Studio Z

It was a great turn out last week at Studio Z  for the Gallery Night Providence opening of their Gabriel Capuano show.  But then again, “it’s always a party at Studio Z” isn’t it…

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This show is up through May 30, 2015 so there’s still time to see it.

Director Berge Zobian has been representing the works of Gabriel Capuano for over three years. Works in this exhibit will include circa 75 unframed small drawings in acid-free clear slips. Gabe began to realize his talent while incarcerated in maximum security. It was the mid sixties and the ACI offered classes in art and literature. As Gabe’s unusual talent became obvious, the assistant warden lobbied for him to spend much of his time painting and reading in his cell even though other officials attempted to send him to a dormitory section. When Gabe was released in 1966, he became a regular exhibitor at the Tonoff Gallery among well known and respected Rhode Island artists. In 1968 he was sought out through recommendation by Wheeler School for Girls and was hired as a part time instructor on the basis of his work . He assisted in creating the Wheeler Gallery and had one of the first ( if not the first) exhibits. This highly successful show was reviewed by Bradford Swan.

Gabe later taught at School One where he also had a solo exhibition.Gabriel Capuano’s work has been exhibited in Rhode Island and New England area for over 25 years, as well as in collections in London, England; Los Angeles,CA; New York and Delaware. Capuano was known for his strong use of color. His mediums included oils, pastels, pens of all types, pencils, napkins, paper bags or anything handy to work with or on. In the words of the late Providence Journal critic, Bradford Swan, Gabriel Capuano’s work had “this quality of something deeply felt, of absolute sincerity or real compassion…that mark’s Capuano’s painting.” Gabriel Capuano died at the too-early age of forty-nine.

Studio Z Visual Arts and Performance Space is located at the Butcher Block Mill, 25 Eagle Street, Providence, RI 02908, 401-751-1970.

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