See The RISD Faculty Biennial on Gallery Night

If you stop by the RISD Museum on this Thursday’s Gallery Night Providence (March 19, 2015) be sure to have a look at the RISD Faculty Biennial, a longstanding tradition, highlights new work by the extraordinary artists and designers who teach at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The 183 works on view by 185 faculty artists are as varied as the many departments and divisions in which the faculty teach—ranging from apparel, textiles, painting, printmaking, ceramics, glass, sculpture, illustration, photography, jewelry, and metalsmithing to graphic design, industrial design, architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, film, animation, digital media, furniture, and more.

RISD Museum, Gallery Night Providence

This year, the Museum offers an expanded opportunity for RISD faculty to share their works of art and design in the exhibition or present their research and expertise as teaching artists in an ongoing Faculty Forum series. In this new forum, faculty members offer discussions, readings, papers, and performances—creating an exciting platform for public engagement.

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