There are no wrong colors – Paula

And now for an intimate look at one painter’s thought process…

The Colorist - a Conversation about Painting

My working habits can be ugly.  I try a color, wipe it off.  Try another color, scrape it away.  Try another, hmmm.  Maybe.  Five seconds later, yet another color joins the muddy rag heap.

Sinew Over Water Sinew Over Water

What makes a color work in a painting?  Forty years of painting have given me no clues.  I never know until I find it.  And sometimes, even then, I keep trying for a better choice. There have been particular paintings with particular spots that I have wiped and scraped and changed hundreds of times.

Yet the reality is there are no wrong colors.  It’s how they fit together that is important. A small tiny bit of green or magenta or naples yellow can transform a whole canvas.  You just have to be willing to try and try again until you find it.

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