Meet November Celebrity Guide Sandy DeLuca

Gallery Night Providence

Sandy DeLuca had her first solo art show in 1987 at the Community College of Rhode Island, while still a student. Each painting was accompanied by prose written on a card; pieces of the story she told with her paintings. Since then her paintings have been exhibited locally, and her artwork has been featured as cover art and interior art for various publications, including notable work like the poetry chapbook, VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES AND WANTON SOULS, with poetry by Marge Simon; with Simon receiving the Bram Stoker award for poetry in 2013. Sandy has also written and published numerous novels, several poetry collections, an art chapbook and several novellas, including the critically acclaimed MESSAGES FROM THE DEAD and DESCENT. As an author she is known for dark and surreal prose; often visceral and shocking. She is best known for her work in the horror genre. However, she has written noir fiction, fantasy and mainstream fiction as well. She was a finalist for the BRAM STOKER for poetry award in 2001, with BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS; accompanied by her cover art and interior illustrations. A copy is maintained in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays (Brown University) Poetry, 1976-2000. She was nominated once more in 2014, with Marge Simon, for DANGEROUS DREAMS. She has owned several publishing companies, including GODDESS OF THE BAY and DECEMBER GIRL PRESS. In 2011 she left a corporate job she held for many years and began to paint and write full time. Currently she is an assistant curator at the New Hope Art Gallery at the Thomas C. Slater Training School in Cranston, and working on art for several more print collections.

You may also like to have a look at Sandy’s web site as well.

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  2. ann marie garofalo says:

    We are so proud of your accomplishments!!! Mike & Ann Marie

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