Tour Schedule For September 18, 2014

5:20 Collectors Tour with Linda Kushner
Start your own collection! Participants on this tour receive a limited edition print by Rhode Island artist Anthony Tomaselli for free.


Anthony Tomaselli: Painter

Chazan Gallery

Studio Z

Krause Gallery

5:40 Contemporary Tour


Avenue Concept Gallery


Providence College


6:00 Contemporary Tour


Atrium Gallery of the First Unitarian Church


Cate Charles Gallery

John Brown House Museum

6:20 Contemporary Art and Design Tour with Kerry Murphy

Kerry Murphy

Gallery Belleau

The Peaceable Kingdom

RISD Museum of Art

Three Wheel Studio

6:40 Contemporary Tour with Jason Tranchida

Jason Tranchida

David Winton Bell Gallery

Dryden Gallery @ Providence Picture Frame

Krause Gallery

Studio Hop

7:00 Contemporary Tour



Joan McConaghy: Painter

Sandra DeSano Pezzullo: DeSano Studio Fine Art


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