ArtProv, A New Contemporary Art Gallery!

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ArtProv gallery, a new, contemporary art gallery launching in the Jewelry District’s historic Doran Building,  will hold a grand opening and artist reception on April 17 from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. during Gallery Night Providence.

The opening exhibit, titled “Color Sense,” will feature the bold, vibrant work of four contemporary artists:

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  • Judy Araujo Volkmann. Judy depicts humanity and how physical, emotional and societal influences shape people into who they are. Her figures and portraits are often in states of being reflective, engaged, celebratory, or confrontational. In painting the figures, Judy’s aim is to capture movement as well as the physical characteristics and psychological aspects of being human. (
  • Mary Jane Andreozzi. Mary Jane’s work is inspired by the grace, strength, and beauty of the natural world. In her images, she searches for the same sense of balance and harmony that she observes in nature. Her series of wax drawings on wood and stone express an inner energy that leans towards symbolism and becomes more than a realistic rendering. (
  • Nick Paciorek. Cityscape artist Nick Paciorek is drawn to major metropolitan areas for the interplay between figures, architecture, light and color that continually shift from dawn til dusk. Large cities with active skylines, busy streets, and hard edges are one of his favorite subjects. On one canvas, he can uncover the entire mood of a city. (
  • Kate Hoyer. Kate Hoyer is known for her unique style of painting in stripes and colors, giving ordinary subjects such as animals and flowers a unique presence. In her works, she attempts to make us look at dogs not just as animals we own, but as part of our culture. Painting them in stripes echoes how integrated they have become.

All of the artists will be at the grand opening event.

ArtProv gallery is run by Michele Aucoin out of converted loft space at 150 Chestnut Street. ArtProv’s unique location features three viewing spaces that incorporate the 1907 building’s original brick walls, beamed ceilings and segmental-arched windows.

“ArtProv gallery has been a life-long dream and I couldn’t imagine a more amazing group of artists to represent my vision as we open our doors,” said Aucoin. “I’m excited to showcase such talent and help bring the work of these artists into both public and private collections.”
ArtProv will be open on all Gallery Nights and by appointment. For moreinformation, visit or call 401-641-5182.

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