An Announcement From The Chabot Fine Art Gallery

Hour Glass by Lee Chabot

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you for all your support and friendship to our gallery over the years and a special thank you to all of our very talented artists. We have made a very difficult decision to close the brick & mortar portion of Chabot Fine Art Gallery for personal reasons. The gallery will not be open for the Gallery Night this Thursday as we are no longer members of the Gallery Night Organization and wish them all the best for 2014. We are working to close by the end of March, if you are interested in any of the works you have previously viewed at the gallery please feel free to contact us our website, email and telephone number will not be changed.
We are looking forward to concentrating on building a stronger on-line presence along with exhibiting in Art Expo’s in major cities throughout the country as an extension of the existing gallery and promoting Lee’s works in various art markets.
Many of you have asked how our son-in-law is doing. He is doing fine although it’s been 8 months since his heart was removed he is still in the Boston Hospital waiting for a heart transplant. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for Steve and his family. We wait for the day when we can let you know he has a new heart.
Looking forward to sharing our new adventures with you,
Lee & Chris 

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