Miika Benedetti Shows At Grin Providence


Grin Providence is currently showing the work of Miika Benedetti, through April 12, 2014, with an opening reception on March 20, Gallery Night Providence. The 26-year-old artist primarily works with intensive introspection of conceptual ideas and practice, paired with a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques across various media. His works are aggressive, and connect the viewer with altered space, distant but informed imagery, and complex relational aestheticism. Despite a pop aesthetic (with imagery coming from newspapers, screen caps, found images, pornography, dating websites, and publicity shots), the conceptual nature of his artworks are nuanced and complex. His obsessive attention to detail and illusionistic style combined with found objects and images creates a clashing and confrontational dialogue. He deals with themes of power, competition, death, masculinity, social control, and social inequality using varying mediums. Nocebo/placebo, an exhibition of painting, photography and installation, will, through these grander themes, focus on inherent aggression of internet culture: “see but don’t see” exhibitionism, competition and apathetic anonymity (anonymous sex, anonymous violence).  This exhibition marks his return to the US after basing his studio practice in Beijing for three years.


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