Rubens Fogacci At Just Art

If you’re not familiar with the “Just Art” gallery down in Olneyville, 60 Valley St. (at The Plant), there’s an opening this Friday, 1/17/13, so you can finally experience what you’ve been missing out on.  From 5:00-8:00, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the artist Rubens Fogacci who will be flying in from Italy for this show.

Fogacci fogacci1

In addition to Mr. Fogacci’s work this large gallery has quite a selection of works by many other contemporary Italian artists…

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“Just Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery active in both the primary and secondary markets.
Representing well-established Italian artists from Italy as well as, emerging artists in contemporary art including painting, sculpture and photography, our goal is to promote international talent and American contemporary artists.”  (From their mission statement)

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