More Masks For Gallery Night Gala!

“Waiting For The Dead” is the title of this creation by painter Madolin Maxey .  For materials, Madolin lists “3 stuffed vultures and a pile of leaves” but on closer examination there’s so much more, glittering spiders and festive gourds for example.  This item includes a headpiece with vultures 2 lurking, an armband with 1 vulture waiting, and a red mask.  Madolin has placed a minimum bid of $50.00.

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And here’s a stunning mask by Maggie Bouchard titled “Peacock”.  Made of cardboard, Feathers, model clay, glitter, a wooden dowel, and ribbon.  This one would make a beautiful home accent as well as a party accessory.  Maggie has placed a minimum bid of $25.00 on her mask which is unquestionably a bargain.

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As well as masks and costumes we have this lovely Halloween fascinator by Sandra Solomon, a very detailed piece made with feathers, flowers, plastic eyeballs, a stuffed bird, and artificial flowers.  This unique item has a value of $150.00, and Sandra has placed a minimum bid of $25.00.

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And, by the way, here’s the invitation to our Gala at which we hope to see you.



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