We have a new gallery!

We’re welcoming a new gallery for September’s Gallery Night Providence, this Thursday the 19th.  Restored By Design, located at 34 Governor Street.

Restored by Design


Restored by Design is a green company focused on making one-of-a-kind eco-fashion jewelry, clothing, accessories, home décor and art. We are passionate about a greener life that helps grow community with style!

Our mission is to create a unique and inspiring shopping experience, not just about purchasing handmade one of a kind pieces, but also about participating in this stewardship. Restored by Design showcases quality, one-of-a kind jewelry, accessories, apparel and home décor from local artisans, designers, and craftspeople with the emphasis on sustainable design, preserving our most precious resources. The added value is the low carbon impact to the environment.
Founded in 2010, by Martha Jackson, Restored by Design is creating eco-fashion jewelry, accessories and clothing from “green resources”; 75% from bygone parts and industry excesses – such as semi-precious beads, glass, resin, wood, shell, and a variety of natural materials, 15% signature designed pieces, e.g.- castings made from recycled metal, and hand-painted epoxy glazed natural flowers, and at least 10% vintage collected treasures and pre-loved found objects, lace, fabrics, organic materials, and more. Part of the fun is in the quest for the materials, the other is in creating each piece!

Our goal is to restore life by design. We revive, we refresh, we restyle by designing new pieces from collected treasures

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