Meet Celebrity Guide Margaret Owen

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6:40 Contemporary Tour
Margaret Owen received an MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA in painting from the University of Georgia.

She works representationally in oil and watercolor. In Rhode Island you can see her work at Studio Hop on Hope Street, Tea in Sahara on Governor Street and at the Darius Inn on Block Island. Her paintings are included in private collections around the world.

Margaret has taught painting and drawing at a variety of institutions and currently teaches in her studio, at Tea in Sahara and at the RISD Museum as part of their continuing education program. Her love of travel has lead to teaching workshops abroad.

“I love the way art helps people to engage more fully with the world around them, each other and themselves and I enjoy seeing that in action. I approach Gallery Night very much as a painter, from a sensual point of view. I am happy to get out of the studio, see other people’s work and hear what gallery night goers have to say.”

Margaret has called Rhode Island home since 2004 when she and her husband, a fellow painter and native Rhode Islander, moved to Providence to raise their son.

She blogs about her artistic process where you can also find up to date exhibition information. Find out about painting workshops in Morocco

“Artist Margaret Owen has an adventurous mind. Those who’ve joined her for a painting, drawing or collage workshop have observed that even when she is teaching, Owen is always exploring and considering. She doesn’t pretend to know things, and in faithfully not knowing, she is a wonderful teacher. In a recent interview Owen was asked about the traits that make her a successful artist. She responded, ‘To continue to inhabit an attitude of playful inquiry despite the cacophony of critical voices in your head – and the dishes in the sink.'” – Sarah Merrill

Margaret is “positive and unassuming, quiet and cheerful” with a “passion for color.” In her studio… “Hundreds of colorful paintings, watercolors and drawings line the walls. Large complex florals marry intricate patterns with bold vividly colored blossoms. Fluid atmospheric landscapes keep company with light-filled still lifes.” – Paula Martiesian


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