A Few More Of the Artists You’ll Meet At The Fletcher Building

Fletcher BuildingAs you can tell by this weeks postings, we’re really excited about tomorrow night’s “Art Twerk” event!  So, here we go with a few more slide shows on some of the artists you have the opportunity to meet tomorrow night.

Lyla Duey will be showing her paintings as well as her wax and plaster pieces.  Lyla also did the paintings pictured in the header of this blog. ↓

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there’s so much going on in Hao Ni‘s studio from his free standing shipwreck inspired sculptures, his collages made from insects, to cigarette ashes preserved in a suspended state with super glue. ↓

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hao also has a show opening tomorrow night at Yellow Peril Gallery as well so you might not get to meet him but you’ll have ample opportunity to see his work.


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1 Response to A Few More Of the Artists You’ll Meet At The Fletcher Building

  1. Frances Webb says:

    That was such fun to see…. Your studios look awesome…(for my generation (old) that word REALLY means a great deal…. comment by Lyla’s Gramma

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