Ladd Observatory on Gallery Night


Please be advised that the concert location has been changed to,Brown University’s Alumni Hall located at 194 Meeting Street, Providence RI, 02906



The opening night for this event is on Gallery night Providence, June 20, and the Ladd Observatory will be included on some of our tours.

Ladd Observatory


The Observatory Project is a site-specific exhibit at the Ladd Observatory, Providence RI, incorporating visual mechanisms, sculptural objects and musical performance to highlight notions of observation, imagination and discovery.

The exhibition will take place over three days, during which a series of installations spanning electronic media art, sculpture, animation, video and live performance will invite viewers to experience a creative shift of their visual and auditory perspective.

Project components include telescope objects and projections that transform the main dome and exhibition rooms into chambers of a camera; objects that relate to the specific language and history of the observatory to explore ideas of artifact and measurement; a video animation integrated into existing cabinets of large format transparencies depicting celestial occurrences; and referencing celestial navigation, a film of distant landscapes projected onto boat sails, viewed through the lense of a telescope. The main Observatory telescope will also be used to render unseen images of both near and distant worlds.

Offering another dimension of the Observatory Project’s focus on science viewed through the lens of art is a concert offering of ‘Music for a Summer Evening’ (Part III in the series “Makrokosmos”) by American composer and Pulitzer Prize winner George Crumb. The performance will take place on the opening night.

Scored for two amplified pianos and two percussionists, the work expands the capacity of the grand piano through amplification, but mainly by magnifying intimate, delicate sound effects or the durations of sounds that would otherwise decay before they can communicate to the human ear. Music for a Summer Evening consists of five movements, each features a mix of ‘absolute’ music and musical references to other cultural works or ‘places.’

A strong public imagination is the fabric of scientific inquiry. The impact of this project resides in bringing science to the public through the lens of art and activating the imagination in a way that gets people excited about art, space science and what can happen at the intersection of these disciplines.


The exhibition is open for three days, June 20, 21 & 22, 6-9 p.m. at the Ladd Observatory, 210 Doyle Avenue, Providence RI.


The performance of George Crumb’s Music for a Summer Evening will take place at 8:00 pm on opening night, June 20th at the Music Mansion, 88 Meeting Street, Providence RI.  The location of this concert has been changed to Alumni Hall, 194 Meeting Street, Providence


**Please note there will be no actual night sky viewing during the exhibition**

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